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[News] A Praise for OpenShot, GNU/Linux Video Editor; CLI Applications

  • Subject: [News] A Praise for OpenShot, GNU/Linux Video Editor; CLI Applications
  • From: Roy Schestowitz <newsgroups@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Wed, 27 Jan 2010 03:37:30 +0000
  • Followup-to: comp.os.linux.advocacy
  • Newsgroups: comp.os.linux.advocacy
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OpenShot 1.0 Is an Actually Usable Linux Video Editor

,----[ Quote ]
| Linux/Live CD/DVD: It's one of the five 
| features we desperately want in Ubuntu: a 
| video editor that the average user can stitch 
| together simple movies with. OpenShot 1.0 is 
| mostly there.
| That's not to say the interface has much 
| polish, or that you don't have to install non-
| free multimedia codecs in your Linux system 
| beforehand. Then again, unless you're a 
| FLAC/OGG music purist, you probably already 
| installed your MP3 and other file supports.


Four more for the console

,----[ Quote ]
| This one I find myself coming back to quite 
| frequently. I must agree that the standard 
| disk usage command for Linux is a bother. If 
| all I want to know is the amount of space a 
| folder is taking up on the drive, I have a 
| long and arduous string of flags to tack on to 
| du before I can get the information I want. 



Testing OpenShot Video Editor

,----[ Quote ]
| Currently, Ubuntu developers are planning
| to ship Ubuntu 10.04 with PiTiVi, a
| different editor. I wouldnât bet any money
| on this decision changing before April, but
| Iâve read good things about OpenShot and
| thought it would be worth a try, even if
| wonât be included in Lucid by default.
| I should also make clear that Iâm no video-
| editing professional. The extent of my work
| in this realm has mostly been limited to
| stringing clips together in Windows Movie
| Maker back when I was still using XP.
| [...]
| Overall, OpenShot is a highly usable and
| stable application for basic video editing.
| Iâve yet to try PiTiVi to see how it
| measures up, but hope to do so in the near
| future.


OpenShot 1.0 Has Arrived!

,----[ Quote ]
| I am proud to announce that OpenShot Video
| Editor 1.0 has just been released! This
| release is jam-packed full of new features,
| bug fixes, and some shiny new graphics! We
| hope you enjoy it!


12 Days of Xmas: Day Eight

,----[ Quote ]
| OpenShot is a non-linear video editor Linux
| that is by-far-and-away the most feature-packed
| user-friendly editor around.


OpenShot Users Website Launched

,----[ Quote ]
| OpenShotUsers.com titles itself as a
| âcommunity âto offer help and tips to other
| users, share themes, showcase your videos or
| just say hi to other users.â
| It has a forum for users to interact, share
| themes and work, get help & learn how to
| create effects and transitions and all of
| that general-geist. As well as news, polls
| and other Openshot related stuff.


Latest OpenShot Release Gains Super Timeline Enhancements


A Quick Chat With OpenShot Creator Jonathan Thomas

,----[ Quote ]
| I took a few minutes to chat with Jonathan
| Thomas, creator and all round nice guy from
| OpenShot (better known as âiMovie for Linuxâ
| around these parts!), to find out what the
| application is up to, what their plans are
| for the future and when we can expect a
| stable releaseâ


Introducing OpenShot

,----[ Quote ]
| At release 0.9.52 the program is very
| stable and I experienced no crashes during
| my tests. In my opinion OpenShot is well on
| its way to becoming an attractive and
| powerful editor. Presently it lacks some
| features I like in other NLEs, but I
| suspect its developers will add those and
| other features in due time. Like many
| similar projects OpenShot is in need of
| external assistance, so if you'd like to
| help produce a high-quality GTK-based NLE
| for video you might consider hopping on to
| the OpenShot train. Coders are welcome, but
| other aspects of the program need love too.
| Check with the devs to see how your talents
| can be employed by the project.


OpenShot Video Editor Gets New Icons & Preference Window

,----[ Quote ]
| The best video editor for Linux 'OpenShot' has
| finally gotten itself some new icons! Yes it is
| a slow news day...
| These new 'tango' style icons bring a much
| needed visual refresh to the (at times)
| slightly odd looking default set of "glassy"
| icons.


Openshot : The magic has arrived

,----[ Quote ]
| Openshot is a video editor for linux, is one of the best ones
| existing actually for linux. The news is that now has a PPA
| this mean easy install for Ubuntu users, but the big news is
| that the new version come with 30 new effects.

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