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Re: [Rival] Ballmer Again Embarrasses Microsoft in Public

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____/ Homer on Wednesday 27 Jan 2010 17:06 : \____

> Verily I say unto thee, that Erik Jan spake thusly:
>> Homer had de volgende lumineuze gedachte op 26-01-10 23:04:
>>> Truly evil people never do, as they are blissfully devoid of any
>>> moral conscience, are incapable of feeling any remorse over the
>>> consequences of evil behaviour, and firmly believe in the
>>> righteousness of their own vile doctrines. Several Microsoft
>>> "evangelists" right here in COLA and CSMA exhibit the same
>>> symptoms. Indeed their very presence in these groups at /all/
>>> proves it.
>> It may be that truly evil people NO LONGER know that they do evil.
>> But there was a time, "once upon a time", that they did know they
>> turned a corner in their lives and forsook the path of
>> wisdom/knowledge/conscience. Otherwise truly evil people would be
>> innocent.
> I agree. Of course the point at which they turned that corner they made
> a conscious and deliberate decision, otherwise they'd have turned back,
> driven by either the realisation of their mistake or remorse. Therefore
> those who continue doing evil unabated, do so because they choose to be
> evil.

They are not "evil" by their own standards. YouTube has documentary videos
about the Russian mafia. It's illuminating how they perceive their

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