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[News] A Look at RedNotebook and Free Software Robotics

  • Subject: [News] A Look at RedNotebook and Free Software Robotics
  • From: Roy Schestowitz <newsgroups@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Thu, 28 Jan 2010 05:38:19 +0000
  • Followup-to: comp.os.linux.advocacy
  • Newsgroups: comp.os.linux.advocacy
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Keep your journal in a RedNotebook

,----[ Quote ]
| Writing in a journal or diary, where you may 
| pour your heart out for no oneâs eyes but your 
| own, can be an intensely personal experience. 
| Writing longhand in a paper notebook used to 
| be standard practice for journal writing, but 
| most people nowadays type faster than they 
| write, and digital text is easier to search. 
| But finding a journal application that suits 
| your sense of style is just as personal a 
| decision as finding the right notebook in 
| which to write. When Jendrik Seipp couldnât 
| find what he was looking for in a journal app, 
| he began coding his own, and that became 
| RedNotebook.


Free PR2 Robots Offered to Open Source Robotics Researchers

,----[ Quote ]
| 10 lucky research organizations will stand 
| to benefit from Willow Garage's PR2 Beta 
| Program, under which they will each be 
| granted free use of one PR2 robot and earn 
| the privilege to participate in the 
| advancement of open source robotics 
| development.



Robots to get their own operating system


Robot Makers Collaborate on Operating System

,----[ Quote ]
| Ultimately, whether the robot world rallies around an open source OS or a
| commercial OS will depend on the vibrancy of the developer community and the
| availability of "apps" that underlie more advanced capabilities.


ERP: An Open Source Robot Design

,----[ Quote ]
| All the software used is free software licensed under the GPL or BSD.


Open Source Robotics Venture Shows the Way Forward

,----[ Quote ]
| First, look at the team behind it. Willow Garage founded by Scott Hassan (one
| of the designers of the original Google search engine) has set out to develop
| both the hardware and software for personal robots unlike any previous
| venture. By promoting an open source and open platform approach they are
| pulling in ideas and assistance from specialists in North America and Europe.


The Year of the Linux-powered Robots

,----[ Quote ]
| In the very near future, robots will become an indispensable tool that man
| canât live without. Just like computers, it will do complicated and
| challenging tasks thus making things a lot easier for all of us.
| We all know that majority of personal computers are still running Microsoft
| Windows operating system and that the year of the Linux desktop is still far
| from reality. However, many experts believe that in the field of Robotics,
| itâs going to be a whole different ball game. Soon, Linux-powered robots will
| dominate the market and will lead the new age of technology.


Student Roboticists Compete to Create C3PO, Share Their Source Code

,----[ Quote ]
| More than 42,000 high-school students in 1,680 teams from 10 countries are
| competing in the 2009 FIRST Robotics Competition. (Dean Kamen, the man behind
| the Segway scooters and many other inventions, is the founder of FIRST.)
| Twenty thousand mentors have volunteered to assist them. The competition is
| observing open source principles, according to CollabNet...


RobotCub project builds open-source, humanoid robot baby

,----[ Quote ]
| One of the major goals of the iCub project is to make an open-source standard
| for the design of the humanoid robot. If things work out well, you could
| imagine in the future there might be one massive, open-source humanoid robot
| OS that all budding robot-makers will use as a base to build on.


5 Awesome Robot Kits to Get You Started with Robotics

,----[ Quote ]
| Every geeks dream is to have a personal robot that can be programmed to
| perform various tasks. If you have seen Tony Stark's robotic assistants in
| the movie Iron Man then you probably know what I mean. But unlike in movies,
| today's robots are not as advanced or still have limited capabilities.
| However, time will come that they will become more sophisticated and more
| useful than they are now.


"Storage robot" gains community-built apps

,----[ Quote ]
| Data Robotics has announced a new "Linux Dashboard" and other
| community-developed "DroboApps" for its Linux-based DroboShare
| network-storage device. The company is also shipping a more powerful,
| Firewire-equipped version of the SOHO-targeted Drobo "storage robot," which
| is network-enabled by the DroboShare companion.

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