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[News] Openness and Freedom in Information Makes Progress

  • Subject: [News] Openness and Freedom in Information Makes Progress
  • From: Roy Schestowitz <newsgroups@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Thu, 28 Jan 2010 05:58:25 +0000
  • Followup-to: comp.os.linux.advocacy
  • Newsgroups: comp.os.linux.advocacy
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Maybe Information Really Doesn't Want to Be Free

,----[ Quote ]
| The long-anticipated Apple (NASDAQ: AAPL) 
| tablet, expected to debut tomorrow, carries 
| a similar promise. In media circles, the 
| Apple tablet has been heralded by many as a 
| ray of hope for an ailing newspaper 
| industry, marrying the slick software and 
| design for which Apple is famous with its 
| iTunes payment platform. 


Why I am disappointed with Nature Communications

,----[ Quote ]
| At the centre of my problem is the use of a 
| Creative Commons Attribution Non-commercial 
| licence for the âOpen Accessâ option. This 
| doesnât qualify under the BBB declarations 
| on Open Access publication and it doesnât 
| qualify for the SPARC seal for Open Access. 
| But does this really matter or is it just a 
| side issue for a bunch of hard core 
| zealots? After all if people can see it 
| thatâs a good start isnât it? Well yes, it 
| is a good start but non-commercial terms 
| raise serious problems. Putting aside the 
| fact that there is an argument that 
| universities are commercial entities and 
| therefore canât legitimately use content 
| with non-commercial licences the problem is 
| that NC terms limit the ability of people 
| to create new business models that re-use 
| content and are capable of scaling.


How should councils cope with Freedom of Information requests 

,----[ Quote ]
| An interesting piece on ConservativeHome's 
| Local Government Blog on 'How should 
| council's cope with Freedom of Information 
| requests?'


Science czar calls for openness on climate questions

,----[ Quote ]
| The government's chief scientific adviser 
| John Beddington has called for openness and 
| honesty in the debate over man-made climate 
| change.


Valkaama Released 

,----[ Quote ]
| Finally done... We are proud to release the 
| final version of Valkaama with Michael 
| Georgi's music score. You can download your 
| copy here.
| It was a long and stony road to get this 
| movie done and still we are giving it away 
| for free: Valkaama becomes one of the few 
| full-length movies which are licensed under 
| one of the Creative Commons licenses.


How to Learn Just About Anything Online ... For Free

,----[ Quote ]
| Stan Peirce had been looking for new
| pursuits after a long career as an
| electrical engineer with Eastman Chemical
| Co. in Kingsport, Tenn. Then, last year,
| while searching the Internet, he stumbled on
| nearly 2,000 academic courses that the
| Massachusetts Institute of Technology had
| put online. Peirce saw MITâs offeringsâits
| OpenCourseWare project complete with
| syllabuses, assignments, exams and, in many
| cases, audio or video lecturesâas nothing
| short of an educational gold mine.


MapOSMatic: generate city maps from OpenStreetMap data

,----[ Quote ]
| We are pleased to announce the release of
| MapOSMatic, a set of tools to automatically
| generate cities' map from OpenStreetMap
| data. MapOSMatic takes care of generating a
| labelled grid over the map, a list of street
| with references matching the grid as well as
| a nice layout of the city if its
| administrative boundaries are known. For
| now, it only supports rendering French
| metropolitan cities' maps, but it will soon
| be extended to other parts of the world.
| MapOSMatic is Open Source / Free Software
| licensed under AGPLv3.


OpenStreetMap reaches 200,000 user milestone

,----[ Quote ]
| OpenStreetMap Founder Steve Coast has
| announced that the OpenStreetMap (OSM)
| Project now has more than 200,000 registered
| users. The project, originally started in
| August of 2004, has become increasingly
| popular in recent months. The new milestone
| comes less than ten months after the project
| reached 100,000 registered users back in
| March of 2009. OpenStreetMap is an open
| source project, run by the OpenStreetMap
| Foundation, that builds free online maps,
| not based on any copyright or licensed map
| data.


Opening up UK local spending data

,----[ Quote ]
| While this is currently experimental, in the
| future he plans to make it easy to export
| data in XML/JSON as well as to create more
| sophisticated visual representations of the
| data.


Title: Self-Selected or Mandated, Open Access Increases Citation Impact for Higher Quality Research

,----[ Quote ]
| Abstract: Articles whose authors make them
| Open Access (OA) by self-archiving them
| online are cited significantly more than
| articles accessible only to subscribers.
| Some have suggested that this "OA Advantage"
| may not be causal but just a self-selection
| bias, because authors preferentially make
| higher-quality articles OA.


HiperBarrio Maps San Javier La Loma with Open Street Maps

,----[ Quote ]
| Last Saturday Fredy Rivera, a leading mapper
| of Open Street Maps based in BogotÃ,
| organized a workshop at the small public
| library in La Loma to teach its young
| residents how to make a map of their own
| community.


Potlatch/Openstreetmap going proprietary ?

,----[ Quote ]
| ActionScript 3 !? Wait, that means NO more
| access for free software users!
| What a pity, such an exemplar case of good
| open SWF practice (sources buildable with
| free software, binaries playable with free
| software) coming to an end.


How To Organize A Mapping Party

,----[ Quote ]
| We had a mapping party at NIT Calicut
| recently. After the first day of the event I
| shared some ideas to make such mapping
| parties better with GeoHackers team.
| [...]
| Maps are created at this stage. The data we
| have mined are ordered, analyzed, and
| tagged. We need to make sure that all the
| team follows a naming convention or comment.
| The coordinator should watch for over
| marking / mis-marking of the same location.
| Once the data is properly tagged, it is time
| to upload it to the OSM server.


FLOSS Weekly 81: OpenStreetMap.org

,----[ Quote ]
| OpenStreetMap.org, the provider of free and royalty-free geographic data.
| Guest: Steve Coast for OpenStreetMap.org

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