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[News] Updates About the ACTA Conspiracy

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ACTA Attacks Internet! Let's Attack ACTA!

,----[ Quote ]
| Negotiations on the Anti-Counterfeiting 
| Trade Agreement (ACTA)1 will take place 
| from January 26th to January 29th in 
| Mexico. ACTA aims at controlling the 
| Internet, while conveniently circumventing 
| democratic processes. Unelected negotiators 
| - carrying out the orders of the 
| entertainment industries - are attacking 
| the very essence of the Internet. Let's 
| attack ACTA! Let's expose its negotiators 
| to make them face their responsibilities!


ACTA and three strikes

,----[ Quote ]
| Luc Devigne for instance advocates for the 
| French âthree strikesâ rule concerning 
| ISPs. Such measures are not yet part of the 
| acquis communautaire, in fact in the course 
| of the Telecom package such measures were 
| generally rejected, though the European 
| Parliament could not overrule the French 
| national decision to implement such 
| measures (âHadopiâ). Sarkozyâs Hadopi rules 
| are in troublesome constitutional waters, 
| we will see.


Early Day Motion Calling for ACTA Transparency

,----[ Quote ]
| Yesterday I was asking you to write to your 
| MPs about the Digital Economy Bill. If you 
| haven't already done that, perhaps you 
| could tack on a request for them to support 
| this Early Day Motion...


ACTA Guide, Part Three: Transparency and ACTA Secrecy

,----[ Quote ]
| Part Three of the ACTA Guide (Part One on 
| the agreement itself, Part Two on the 
| official and leaked documents) focuses on 
| the issue that has dogged the proposed 
| agreement since it was first announced - 
| the lack of transparency associated with 
| the text and the talks.  As yesterday's 
| public letter from NDP MP Charlie Angus and 
| the UK cross-party motion highlight, 
| elected officials around the world have 
| latched onto the transparency issue and 
| demanded that their governments open ACTA 
| to public scrutiny.  Reviewing the ACTA 
| transparency issue involves several 
| elements: the public concern with ACTA 
| secrecy, the source of the secrecy, and the 
| analysis of whether ACTA secrecy is common 
| when compared to other intellectual 
| property agreements.



,----[ Quote ]
| That this House is deeply concerned by the 
| secrecy surrounding international 
| negotiations on the Anti-Counterfeiting 
| Trade Agreement (ACTA); notes that any 
| agreement reached could affect the measures 
| to protect copyright online currently being 
| debated in the Digital Economy Bill; 
| believes that if the companies affected by 
| the agreement are party to the discussions 
| and able to influence decisions, 
| parliamentarians who represent the public 
| and are responsible for legislation in 
| these areas should also be kept up-to-date 
| with developments and be able to contribute 
| to the debate; seeks assurances from the 
| Department for Business, Innovation and 
| Skills that the provisions of the Digital 
| Economy Bill will not be superseded by 
| ACTA; and urges the Government to work to 
| achieve release of details of the 
| negotiations to hon. Members as soon as 
| possible.



CTA: The new era of transparency

,----[ Quote ]
| How is that possible? It cannot be found out
| because the mandate is not made public. Magic,
| it reminds me of the charlatans who say they
| live without food and water supply, and it is
| their personal secret what makes them survive.


Activist ejected from "public" meeting on secret copyright treaty for tweeting

,----[ Quote ]
| The latest round of negotiations over the Anti
| Counterfeiting Trade Agreement (ACTA -- a
| secret treaty that contains provisions
| requiring nations to wiretap the Internet,
| force ISPs to spy on users, search laptops at
| the border, and disconnect whole households
| from the net on the basis of mere accusation
| of copyright infringement) is just kicking off
| in Mexico, and activists from around Mexico
| and the world have converged on the meeting to
| demand transparent, public negotiations of
| this critical treaty.


'Public' Consultation Over ACTA In Mexico Almost Required NDAs, Blogger Removed For Tweeting

,----[ Quote ]
| The room, then, was mostly industry people,
| who were apparently concerned as to why
| everyday citizens were in attendance, and they
| even booed a lawyer who questioned the human
| rights angle. As for Geraldine, she tried
| twittering the event, and the industry folks
| demanded she leave (and had a guard escort her
| out). It's almost like they're trying to make
| themselves into a caricature of businesses
| plotting to harm the public.


Obama Names Craig Mundie to Sci-Tech Advisory Council


Joe Biden promises a blank check to the entertainment cartel

,----[ Quote ]
| VP Joe Biden stood up in front of a bunch of Hollywood execs and promised to
| appoint a copyright czar, and furthermore, that this would be the "right"
| person to protect their interests. I would have voted Dem in the last
| election, if I got a vote, but make no mistakes: the Dems are the party of
| stupid copyright laws.

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