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[News] [Rival] Convicted Monopolist Microsoft Sues BitTorrent Site

  • Subject: [News] [Rival] Convicted Monopolist Microsoft Sues BitTorrent Site
  • From: Roy Schestowitz <newsgroups@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Fri, 29 Jan 2010 11:52:34 +0000
  • Followup-to: comp.os.linux.advocacy
  • Newsgroups: comp.os.linux.advocacy
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Microsoft Sues Prominent BitTorrent Tracker For $43m

,----[ Quote ]
| In conjunction with Lithuanian anti-piracy 
| outfit LANVA, software giant Microsoft has 
| sued the alleged operator of the countryâs 
| largest BitTorrent site. Microsoft is 
| demanding $43 million from the defendant and 
| his company for assisting in the illegal 
| distribution of Office 2003 and 2007.


Microsoft Sues BitTorrent Tracker



Broadband consumers to foot Â500m bill to tackle online piracy

,----[ Quote ]
| Proposals to suspend the internet
| connections of those who repeatedly share
| music and films online will leave consumers
| with a bill for Â500 million, ministers
| have admitted.


Pirate Party: one to watch in 2010

,----[ Quote ]
| Threatening to cut off people's net access
| is therefore seen as a vastly
| disproportionate punishment, almost akin to
| cutting someone's tongue off. While young
| female voters also tend to vote Pirate
| Party, compared to older voters, they do so
| less than male voters. The Pirate
| movement's task, therefore is twofold: to
| get women to vote for us in the same
| numbers that men do (which should be
| doable, since women use the internet as
| much as men), and to make sure that each
| years' intake of new 18 year old voters
| supports us, while existing supporters
| continue to support us. If we do that
| across Europe, we'll win.


uTorrent Users Double to 52 Million in a Year

,----[ Quote ]
| uTorrent â the preferred Bittorrent client
| for many BitTorrent users â has been doing
| really well in 2009. Contrary to reports
| claiming that BitTorrent and P2P usage has
| been declining, in the last year uTorrent
| nearly doubled its userbase to 52 million
| unique users a month.


UK Lawyers Drop âNon-Viableâ File-Sharing Cases

,----[ Quote ]
| Lawyers who told thousands of individuals
| that they held proof of their illicit file-
| sharing, have made a surprise announcement.
| ACS:Law, who help companies generate
| revenue from porn movie copyrights, say
| they are dropping many cases because
| litigation is neither viable nor beneficial
| to their clients.


Sarkozy's cronies make song and dance of it

,----[ Quote ]
| The video is not only an unwanted internet
| triumph â it has got the Jeunes Populaires into
| legal hot water. The group obtained permission
| to use the song, written and recorded by the
| French-Canadians Luc Plamondon and Christian St-
| Roch in 1976. By mistake, the video used another
| version, recorded recently by a Quebec singer,
| Marie-Mai. Legal negotiations are in progess.


Bryan Cave Partner Chosen for Commerce Post

,----[ Quote ]
| Kevin Wolf, a partner in the Washington office
| of Bryan Cave who raised money for President
| Barack Obama's 2008 campaign, is the president's
| pick for a top trade position.


Biden Convenes 'Piracy Summit' That Appears To Be Entirely One-Sided

,----[ Quote ]
| Notice that there aren't any consumer rights
| representatives. No one from technology
| companies. No one representing a viewpoint
| from outside of these industries of how they
| might be abusing claims of "piracy" to prop
| up obsolete business models. Instead, it's
| just the echo chamber. The same folks who
| have been misleading politicians for ages.
| And, of course, whenever you get a summit
| like this, expect some sort of misguided
| "action" to follow. Update: Public Knowledge
| has put out a statement, noting how one-
| sided this gathering is, and questioning why
| politicians are attending what appears to be
| an industry gathering on how to prop up a
| business model. Update 2: In the press
| release (pdf) about this, Biden's office has
| the gall to claim this "will bring together
| all of the stakeholders." Ha! It's 100%
| entertainment industry interests. No tech.
| No consumer advocates. No ISPs. This is a
| complete joke. Update 3: This just gets more
| and more ridiculous. Reporter Ryan Reilly
| was covering the "summit," posting the
| seating chart and quoting Biden as saying
| that "piracy" is "flat unadulterated theft"
| but it looks like Reilly has now been kicked
| out of the summit. Openness and transparency
| apparently doesn't apply when it involves
| propping up one small industry's obsolete
| business model.


IP Czar Focused On Protecting Jobs, Not Promoting Progress?

,----[ Quote ]
| Then, on being questioned she appeared to
| support Hollywood's position that any net
| neutrality laws won't apply to mandating
| content filters on ISPs. It's looking like
| -- just as was initially feared -- this
| position is really to get Hollywood's own
| representative in the White House. What a
| shame. If you must have an "IP Czar"
| shouldn't it be someone who's actually
| focused on making sure progress is being
| promoted, rather than someone who wants to
| blindly crack down on infringement with no
| thought towards whether or not it makes
| sense?


BREIN Shuts Down 393 Torrent Sites, No One Notices

,----[ Quote ]
| Working on behalf of the MPAA and their
| Hollywood studio partners, anti-piracy outfit
| BREIN achieved a notable victory last year when
| it partially shut down Mininova. This success,
| however, appears to be just the tip of the
| iceberg. Did you know BREIN shut down 393
| torrent sites in 2009? No? Neither did we.

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