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[News] [Rival] Microsoft's Business Actually DECLINING. Microsoft Moves Money Around for Vista 7 Hypnosis

  • Subject: [News] [Rival] Microsoft's Business Actually DECLINING. Microsoft Moves Money Around for Vista 7 Hypnosis
  • From: Roy Schestowitz <newsgroups@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Sat, 30 Jan 2010 01:47:10 +0000
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"MSFT headcount down 8 percent year over year #pcbuzz"


"# Business: $4.75 billion, down 3 percent from $4.88 billion a 
year earlier. # Online Services Business: $581 million, down 5 percent 
from $609 million a year earlier. # Entertainment & Devices: $2.9 billion, down
11 percent from $3.26 billion a year earlier."


"Outside its Windows franchise, most of Microsoft's other businesses continued to show 
weakness. Sales in the division that includes its Office software were flat, while 
its online services division's revenue declined 5% to $581 million from the prior year, 
despite the high-profile launch of the Bing search engine."

Microsoft employees...


"if you take out the deffered revenue out of the report, microsoft missed on the 
revenue side by about half billion dollars and barely makes it on the earning
 side due to cost cutting.  summary: expect more cost cutting since that seem to 
have neautralized the revenue miss."

First They Ignore Usâ

,----[ Quote ]
| Update The figures are now in. That other 
| OS client division brought in $2.8 billion 
| more revenue than in the same quarter last 
| year. The sad thing is that $1.7 billion of 
| revenue counted this quarter was deferred 
| income from sales of Vista (with upgrade 
| rights to â7â). That means they got a 20% 
| increase in revenue when PC production 
| returned to normal from the slump. That 
| means no âpopâ in the quarter in which â7â 
| was released. The CPU and PC sector saw 30 
| and 15% increases. Up-selling is just not 
| workingâ


Sinking ship keeps lying and lying! The CFO has quit.

Microsoft is already throwing out there some fake sales #s (just like
it did with Vista).

Some people expect layoffs to expand.


Microsoft planning more global job cuts


Microsoft slashes jobs

,----[ Quote ]
| Software giant Microsoft has confirmed that jobs will be cut in New Zealand.
| The company would not comment on how many people would be made redundant.


Microsoft to lay off 55 employees in India

,----[ Quote ]
| Software giant Microsoft will lay off about 55 employees in India, which is
| one per cent of its Indian staff, as slowdown hits the sector, affecting
| business and profitability.


Microsoft lays off 1% of India staff


Microsoft will reduce headcount by 1 percent in India


Microsoft India: To Cut Local Staff Numbers By About 1%


Microsoft announces to cut 1 percent of its workforce in India


Here is a report from the Philippines:

Microsoft global layoffs reach RP


Microsoft cuts loose dozens of S'pore staff

,----[ Quote ]
| MICROSOFT'S local employees dodged the first bullet but could not escape the
| next, as the economic downturn continues to crimp technology spending by
| businesses and consumers.


Microsoft's cuts reach Triangle

,----[ Quote ]
| Microsoft announced earlier this year that the recession would force its
| first mass layoffs, about 5,000 jobs. This week, the Redmond, Wash., company
| notified the N.C. Commerce Department that those cuts will include 55
| positions at an outpost in North Raleigh.


Microsoft cutting 55 jobs in Raleigh; Wells Fargo, American Express also cut
jobs in N.C.

,----[ Quote ]
| Three mass layoffs notices field with the North Carolina Department of
| Commerce last week show the continuing impact the economic recession is
| having on the high-tech and financial services sectors across North Carolina.


Microsoft dishes out the pink slips. What does it mean for the rest of us?


Microsoft to Axe Over 140 UK Jobs

,----[ Quote ]
| 5% of UK staff to go; CEO Steve Ballmer implies further job cuts may be
| necessary



Ex-Microsoft boss sentenced


Former Microsoft Manager Gets 2 Years In Jail

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