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[News] Linux Foundation Responds to Microsoft Attacks and Offers GNU/Linux Skills

  • Subject: [News] Linux Foundation Responds to Microsoft Attacks and Offers GNU/Linux Skills
  • From: Roy Schestowitz <newsgroups@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Sat, 30 Jan 2010 02:12 +0000
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  • Newsgroups: comp.os.linux.advocacy
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Linux Foundation chief hits back at WinMo

,----[ Quote ]
| Hitting back at Microsoft's recent 
| denunciation of Mobile Linux, the Linux 
| Foundation's outspoken director Jim Zemlin 
| has defended the open source platform 
| against charges of fragmentation.


Linux providing free courses to help you find work

,----[ Quote ]
| The Linux Foundation is offering global 
| training programs, including a free webinar 
| series, to help prospective job searchers 
| meet the rise in demand for Linux-related 
| jobs. 


Free Linux training to help you get a job

,----[ Quote ]
| Research shows the demand for Linux talent 
| is on the rise with some firms reporting a 
| 50 percent increase in Linux-related jobs 
| just in the last year. This is certainly 
| good news if you already know how to work 
| with Linux, and perhaps better news if you 
| are looking for a new technical role. 


The Linux Foundation Will Train You - For Free

,----[ Quote ]
| A little less than a year ago, the Linux 
| Foundation launched a program to provide a 
| variety of training opportunities for Linux 
| professionals. Just a few months later, the 
| Foundation moved the program online, 
| offering web-based sessions of select 
| courses to reach a wider audience. On 
| Tuesday, they took it one step further, 
| announcing the free â as in beer â Linux 
| Training Webinar Series.


What? Free Linux Training Becoming Available

,----[ Quote ]
| The courses are VENDOR-NEUTRAL. I think 
| this is an important detail because the 
| huge variety of distro's, applications and 
| the like are all running on top of a common 
| kernel.



Linux: World domination (and jobs) in sight

,----[ Quote ]
| It's looking more and more likely. Linux is
| everywhere, creating jobs, lowering IT costs,
| and serving as poster child for the open-
| source business and development movements.
| This momentum isn't lost on Microsoft, which
| has revived its anti-Linux charm offensive.
| Speaking at CES, Robbie Bach, president of
| Microsoft's entertainment and services
| division, overlooked Windows Mobile's dismal
| market performance to sneer at mobile Linux,
| claiming that Linux in its current form is not
| "really sustainable."


Open Source Could Create Better Election Software, Jobs

,----[ Quote ]
| You may know the Federal Election Commission if you've ever been involved
| with national politics. The FEC is the regulatory agency that administers and
| enforces federal campaign finance laws; it's sort of like the IRS but
| specifically for congressional and senate campaigns. Any serious candidate
| for public office on a national level has to file campaign finance reports
| routinely or face administrative penalties. Along with campaigns themselves,
| political committees called PACs are also regulated by the FEC and must file
| regularly.


Save a job with open source

,----[ Quote ]
| My own home county of Buncombe in western North Carolina will be letting
| about 80 teachers go with the current budget. Like many other government
| agencies, and businesses, they simply don't have enough money coming in.
| But, Wollenberg asks, why don't we save money for teachers, by switching to
| FOSS (free and open-source software), he's not talking about major changes,
| like switching from Linux to Windows on desktops. He's talking about taking
| small steps. As Wollenberg points out, it's not so much that the school
| systems have problems with open source; it's that they're reluctant to adopt
| anything new.
| [...]
| For instance, Microsoft has finally given up on Microsoft Money. Intuit, of
| course, wants all those customers to go over to Quicken. But, should they?
| Shouldn't they at least consider GnuCash?


Is Open Source a Good Career Bet for Developers?

,----[ Quote ]
| With any article whose premise is ensuring the safety of your programming
| career, it's tempting to try to hook your attention with fear, uncertainty,
| and doubt about the state of the economy. I could point at all those layoff
| statistics. Or I could frighten you by bringing up the spectre of your job
| going overseas.
| But that's not the point, really. Our career choices affect us personally no
| matter what the economy looks like. We all have to find a balance between
| what we love to do and work that someone else will pay for. (This is why I
| cannot brag about my remarkable career from consuming chocolate; I've never
| found someone to pay the bills for it, alas.) To make the best career
| choices, you must become aware of where the market is going. And then you
| have to fine-tune your expertise so that your skills stay in-demand... or so
| that you can develop new skills that shortly will be in demand.
| [...]
| And the good news for open source developers is that
| comparing "programmer," "programmer open source," "programmer .net"
| and "programmer java" yields a happy chart for open source developers. The
| overall programmer salary averages $73,000 per year, and the Java and .NET
| developers earn just over that ($76,000). (Or, to be more rigorous, more jobs
| are advertised with those salaries.) In contrast, open source developers are
| offered $83,000--a nice raise.


Linux Courses Increase Job Options for Techs

,----[ Quote ]
| For software programmers and developers worried about layoffs and job
| security in these tough economic times, the answer may be as clear as the
| screen on your cell phone. That's because manufacturers of small consumer
| equipment like cell phones and PDAs need programmers trained in embedded
| Linux to hand-tune the product's software code.


Where the Tech Jobs Are, Part 1

,----[ Quote ]
| "In a recession, headcount looks like a cost center, but open source can turn
| employees into profit centers -- or, at worst, into less costly cost
| centers," he said.
| "For example, let's say an enterprise needs [an enterprise content
| management] system, perhaps for outsourcing documentation or to build a new
| catalog system -- or perhaps for a workflow system around approval of
| executive documents. Traditional IT would invite vendors to do a dog-and-pony
| show," Asay explained, "ultimately culminating in a purchase of software
| licenses and services to make the licenses useful to the enterprise." The IT
| staffer is then mostly responsible for coordinating others' efforts, and the
| associated expenses.
| An open source savvy IT person, by contrast, would download an open source
| ECM solution and tweak it to save the company license and services
| fees -- "and the risk that the software wouldn't work as advertised," said
| Asay.


Training program to create 100,000 jobs

,----[ Quote ]
| LUPA (Leadership of Open Source University Promotion Alliance), a Chinese
| open source software community, plans to initiate a training project for the
| country's computer and software graduates as low-cost open source software
| development is gaining popularity in the current financial crisis.

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