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[News] GNU/Linux Shown for Ease of Use

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Senior Uses Ubuntu System 14 Months Trouble Free

,----[ Quote ]
| Properly setup and customized for an 
| individualâs computing needs, Ubuntu Linux 
| can be used successfully and easily by 
| anyone of any age and computing ability. 
| AND, the problems associated with computing 
| under the Windows environment disappear.
| My only regret is that I did not start 
| looking into and learning about Linux prior 
| to 2006.


Yo momma uses Ubuntu

,----[ Quote ]
| Recently I replaced my motherâs PC, and I 
| thought I could switch her to Linux. She 
| was previously using Windows XP with 
| several Open Source applications (Open 
| Office, Firefox, Thunderbird, etc), so I 
| decided to install Ubuntu 9.10, since it 
| seems that itâs most devoted to non-expert 
| users (sheâs over-sixty and not inclined to 
| change her computing habits).


Linux is not hard, it's ignored

,----[ Quote ]
| Honestly, Linux used to be hard to use. Ten 
| years ago I could regularly be found 
| sweating and cursing in front an 
| unresponsive PC, willing the Linux software 
| on it to do something, anything to validate 
| the many hours I had sunk into getting it 
| to run. It was a thankless task with little 
| obvious reward but it somehow made sense. 
| And when something did work right it was 
| like being part of a secret club; a group 
| of insiders who knew something more 
| important than anyone else. Which probably 
| has a lot to do with the way Linux is 
| perceived now.


Linux, the chicken and the egg. 

,----[ Quote ]
| I think that this is an interesting 
| question. Which came first, Linux or the 
| device? What do you think? Is Linux 
| providing the creative juices for devices? 
| Are the devices conceived and Linux is the 
| best choice for these devices? You tell me. 
| Why are so many new gadgets from 
| printers,phones, satellite boxes and just 
| about everything under the sun using Linux?



Linux Mint: Making Linux easy

,----[ Quote ]
| Linux Mint 8 also simplifies the desktop
| by doing away with the dual-menubar layout
| preferred by Ubuntu in favour of a single
| menubar across the bottom of the screen.
| Mint also trims down the tripartite
| Applications/Places/System menu of Ubuntu
| and condenses this into a single Main Menu
| flyout. This adds a layer of simplicity to
| the Mint desktop and mimics the style of
| the Windows desktop, with which most users
| are familiar.
| Despite criticisms over its use of non-
| free software tools and its obvious
| catering for entry-level users, Linux Mint
| has clearly found its niche, regularly
| ranked among the five most popular Linux
| versions on Linux tracker Distrowatch.com.
| Long time Linux users probably won't be
| rushing out to try Mint Linux but for
| users looking to take a first step into
| Linux, Linux Mint 8 could be one of the
| better starting points.

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