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[News] Many Graphics Stack Additions to Linux from NVIDIA, ATI, Mesa, Etc.

  • Subject: [News] Many Graphics Stack Additions to Linux from NVIDIA, ATI, Mesa, Etc.
  • From: Roy Schestowitz <newsgroups@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Tue, 02 Feb 2010 05:38:08 +0000
  • Followup-to: comp.os.linux.advocacy
  • Newsgroups: comp.os.linux.advocacy
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Mesa Code Activity Really Exploded In 2009

,----[ Quote ]
| Back in mid-2008 we published two articles 
| that looked at the contributors to the X 
| Server and contributors to Mesa, which 
| provided statistics as to the companies and 
| developers contributing to these two 
| important free software projects over the 
| years. Since the start of the new year 
| though I've been meaning to provide some 
| other statistics about how the projects 
| themselves have evolved over the year, but 
| this morning I am finally pushing out these 
| new numbers for the X.Org Server and Mesa.


NVIDIA's VDPAU Library Updated For DRI2 Work

,----[ Quote ]
| NVIDIA's Aaron Plattner has announced the 
| release of libvdpau 0.4. From November of 
| 2008 when VDPAU was introduced to September 
| of 2009, the Video Decode and Presentation 
| API for Unix lived within NVIDIA's binary 
| display driver package. However, in 
| September NVIDIA began releasing a 
| standalone driver package to make it easier 
| for other Linux graphics drivers to 
| implement. A month later NVIDIA then pushed 
| out a DRI2 patch that allowed choosing the 
| VDPAU back-end implementation on a per-
| screen basis. 


ATI R600/700 Command Checker Published

,----[ Quote ]
| Jerome Glisse has sent a new patch to the 
| other DRI developers that adds a command 
| checker for the ATI R600/700 series 
| graphics processors.


ATI Radeon KMS Leaves Staging Area In 2.6.33

,----[ Quote ]
| David Airlie has called upon Linus to pull 
| in a new set of DRM patches for the Linux 
| 2.6.33 kernel, which should land with the 
| Linux 2.6.33-rc7 release. 


Open-Source ATI Evergreen Support Arrives

,----[ Quote ]
| Months after the ATI Radeon HD 5000 series 
| (known by the "Evergreen" family codename) 
| was introduced, AMD has finally pushed out 
| the first bits of open-source code. This 
| morning if you are to checkout the xf86-
| video-ati DDX driver branch there is 
| initial user-space mode-setting support for 
| the Radeon HD 5000 series GPUs. The ATI 
| kernel mode-setting support that we really 
| care about these days is also about done, 
| but it isn't yet published. The open-source 
| ATI driver currently offers no 2D (EXA) 
| acceleration and the 3D support either 
| through a classic Mesa driver or Gallium3D 
| also is not yet available. 


Hybrid Graphics Comes To Linux In Crude Form

,----[ Quote ]
| While the support for graphics processors 
| on Linux in the free software stack has 
| improved a lot over Linux, there still are 
| entire areas of support missing, such as 
| with supporting NVIDIA's SLI or AMD's 
| CrossFire technologies. Additionally, 
| NVIDIA and AMD as well as Intel have been 
| plopping dual GPUs into notebooks. This is 
| not to split the rendering workload, but 
| rather to allow one lower-powered GPU to be 
| utilized when not in engaging in any 
| vigorous tasks and then another 
| performance-oriented GPU to be utilized 
| when such speed is needed. This solution 
| basically provides the best of both words 
| of having maximum battery life but fast 
| performance when needed. However, Linux has 
| not supported this hybrid / switchable 
| graphics technology at all.



R600/700 Mesa Driver Picks Up Blit Support

,----[ Quote ]
| While a blitter module was introduced for
| Gallium3D that uses the 3D engine for
| blitting, this doesn't help those without blit
| support that are still running the "classic"
| Mesa driver stack. Over the night, however,
| blit support has arrived for the ATI R600/700
| Mesa driver. This support arrived in the form
| of three commits (1, 2, 3) that increase the
| driver's code-base by around 2,000 lines of
| code.


Wicd 1.7 Released With New Features

,----[ Quote ]
| For those that prefer wicd to NetworkManager
| or other programs for managing network
| connections under Linux, a new release of the
| Wireless Interface Connection Daemon is now
| available. Wicd 1.7.0 is arriving just about
| six months after the release of wicd 1.6.0,
| but this 2010 release does bring some new
| features.


Mesa 7.8 In March; Mesa 8.0 To Have OpenGL 3

,----[ Quote ]
| This week in the Mesa world Gallium3D feature
| levels came about and a new EGL state tracker
| was released. The week though is not over and
| there are more announcements coming out for
| this free software OpenGL stack used on Linux
| and other operating systems.


The State Of OpenGL 3.x in Mesa Core

,----[ Quote ]
| While ATI R600 users only recently received
| OpenGL 2.0 hardware support within the open-
| source Radeon 3D stack and there is many more
| OpenGL extensions to be implemented just not
| for the ATI Mesa driver but the other DRI
| drivers as well, Brian Paul has published a
| document that lays out the current state of
| OpenGL 3.x within the classic Mesa core. This
| document lays out what core Mesa supports and
| not necessarily that any of the drivers are
| implementing the said support at this time.
| Granted, with Mesa not really being very
| performance-efficient at this time or capable
| of running most games, a majority of users
| will be waiting for the OpenGL 3.x state
| tracker for Gallium3D.


Mesa 7.6 Gets Pulled Into Ubuntu 9.10

,----[ Quote ]
| Mesa 7.6 does not drastically change the level of
| performance compared to the older Mesa snapshot
| that was found in Ubuntu Karmic up until today,
| but there are improvements in a few areas. In the
| below example from an Intel G43 system we
| compared the Ubuntu 9.04, Ubuntu 9.10 Beta, and
| Ubuntu 9.10 Beta with Mesa 7.6 performance using
| the Phoronix Test Suite. With the Urban Terror
| game there were performance improvements already
| to be found in Ubuntu 9.10 compared to Ubuntu
| 9.04 with Mesa 7.4, but this latest code steps up
| the performance one bit more.

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