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[News] GNU/Linux-only Applications and Other Examples of Software Advantage

  • Subject: [News] GNU/Linux-only Applications and Other Examples of Software Advantage
  • From: Roy Schestowitz <newsgroups@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Tue, 02 Feb 2010 06:26:58 +0000
  • Followup-to: comp.os.linux.advocacy
  • Newsgroups: comp.os.linux.advocacy
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- From (Y)AWN to Cairo!

,----[ Quote ]
| I have been a happy Compiz user in my Mint 
| desktop. Sure it uses some resources, but 
| as is true for many, my computer can 
| handle this with little performance hit.
| About 1 1/2 years ago, I began 
| experimenting with another small use of 
| resources, the various docks available to 
| Linux which utilize Compiz's 3D offerings. 
| I saw this as one more way to add a "wow" 
| factor to show off Linux to others.


GNOME-Vlc brings GTK interface, Simplicity to VLC

,----[ Quote ]
| Gnome-Vlc is a new project designed to 
| provide a simple GTK frontend to the 
| popular Vlc player.
| Still in its infancy, the project was 
| borne "...out of frustration with other 
| players that failed to tick all the 
| boxes."


XRANDR Comes to the Rescue

,----[ Quote ]
| What could be more frustrating than trying 
| to install Ubuntu or Mint on a new CPU, 
| motherboard, with a built-in graphics card 
| and your display goes south. Hereâs the 
| scenario, after the initial flash screens, 
| the screen goes blank. It seems that Xorg 
| is using a screen resolution your monitor 
| does not support.


Lomo Script for Gimp with Old Style Colors 

,----[ Quote ]
| Lomo-Gimp is a Photoshop quality script 
| that tries to give your digital pictures 
| the warmth of those taken by an old 
| rangefinder analog camera. Think of it as 
| a Kodak Instamatic or a Lomo Holga faking 
| effect. It enhances contrast and 
| saturation, and applies a light and a dark 
| overlay, trying to emulate incorrectness 
| in exposition. Please note this does 
| nothing âstill it does!â to emulate the 
| chromatic aberration peculiar in pictures 
| taken using a real Lomo.


Elementary Empathy Theme

,----[ Quote ]
| An awesome elementary theme for Empathy, 
| oddly submitted for potential inclusion in 
| Lucid.


Review of Xiphos Bible Study Software

,----[ Quote ]
| I have used Logos Bible software, e-Sword, 
| as well as other Bible study software in 
| the past. Logos especially is a very good 
| program. The only problem is that on an 
| assistant pastorâs budget, it costs a 
| large sum of money. I have to constantly 
| be aware that I need to be a good steward.
| Xiphos, on the other hand is open-source 
| software. Simply, that means I am allowed 
| to go into the program code myself and 
| modify it to behave how i wish it too and 
| use it in the manner I wish. I am legally 
| allowed to share the software, and even 
| encouraged to do so! And for the my bottom 
| line â it is free. Free as in freedom and 
| price.




Inkscape Class Day 5

,----[ Quote ]
| As always, the OpenOffice.org source files 
| and the outlines for the entire course are 
| at the course page on my website â but 
| please note thatâs a rough outline; as we 
| progress through the class Iâm coming up 
| with the more-solid lesson plans based on 
| how far the students get each session. By 
| the end of the course I hope to have the 
| course page organized much better.


Video editing in Linux: a look at PiTiVi and Kdenlive

,----[ Quote ]
| Video editing on Linux has long gotten a 
| bad rap. A few years ago, the only real 
| options for video editing were either 
| deeply limited in features and polish, or 
| incredibly complex to set up and use.
| While Linux still lacks a direct 
| competitor to tools like Apple's iMovie or 
| Final Cut Pro, the current crop of video 
| editing tools are much more capable and 
| easy to use. Two tools in particular stand 
| out: PiTiVi and Kdenlive. Both suites are 
| under active development and look 
| promising. In this article, we'll take a 
| look at what both of these tools can and 
| can't do.


7 of the Best Free Linux Calculators

,----[ Quote ]
| One of the basic utilities supplied with 
| any operating system is a desktop 
| calculator. These are often simple 
| utilities that are perfectly adequate for 
| basic use. They typically include 
| trigonometric functions, logarithms, 
| factorials, parentheses and a memory 
| function. 


The Best Google Chrome Extensions

,----[ Quote ]
| Google Chrome finally has an answer to 
| Firefox's add-ons; we recommend eleven of 
| our favorite Google Chrome extensions.



10 old-school Linux tools I refuse to let go of

,----[ Quote ]
| 1: Command line
| This one is a no brainer. Even though there
| is a GUI front end for nearly every
| command-line tool available, I often feel
| the command line is simply the best tool.
| And what better way to remotely administer
| a system than with good old secure shell? I
| wonât go into the specifics of what
| commands I canât let go of (there are so
| many of them). Suffice it to say, the
| command line is one of my most-used tools.

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