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Re: [News] Many New Releases of GNU/Linux: GParted, Elive, SystemRescueCD, PC/OS, Openwall

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____/ JeffM on Saturday 30 Jan 2010 05:17 : \____

> Roy Schestowitz wrote:
>>PC/OS 10 released
>>|based on the Ubuntu 9.04 series.
> OK.
> :All multimedia codecs from Flash, MP3 and WMV support
> :is built in and works out of box including the LiveDVD/CD,
> :Java works out of the box
> :
> Cool.
> :has an XFCE desktop environment
> :
> :Great compatibility with older hardware
> :
> Nice for use-'em-till-they-drop-dead types.
> :If you are a developer, content creator, system administrator
> :your most complete solution would be the DVD ISO.
> :
> I'm guessing that's called The Big-Ass Disk.
> :PC/OS OpenDesktop is a CD ISO contains office productivity,
> :games, tools for multimedia playback
> :and some system admin tools.
> :
> There's that *choice* thing again.
> :Updated OpenOffice.org in OpenWorkstation
> :
> ...well, about as much as you'd expect
> from a distro based on Jaunty.
> If you're looking for bleeding edge apps,
> you're going to be disappointed.
> http://distrowatch.com/pcos

But they don't need to be "downloaded" even, they are in the repositories (unless one has a slow
connection somewhere like Africa).

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