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Re: [News] Mandelson's 'MAFIAA Law' Causes Too Many Problems

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____/ Phil Da Lick! on Friday 29 Jan 2010 12:40 : \____

> Roy Schestowitz wrote:
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>> Ofcom to charge terminated downloaders to appeal
>> ,----[ Quote ]
>> | Lord Mandelson is planning to make cut off
>> | internet subscribers pay to appeal in
>> | infringement of copyright dispute
>> | resolution processes. In short, if you are
>> | cut off by Ofcom for illegally
>> | downloading, even if youâre innocent,
>> | youâll have to pay to appeal against the
>> | decision.
>> | 
>> | A House of Lords committee is currently
>> | going over the Dark Lordâs Digital Economy
>> | Bill. Last night,  Lord Faulkner of
>> | Worcester highlighted for the committee
>> | Amendment 200A, which âallows for the
>> | possibility that subscribers may be asked
>> | for a contribution towards the costs of
>> | the appeals processâ.
>> `----
>> http://www.techeye.net/security/ofcom-to-charge-terminated-downloaders-to-appeal
> This is exactly the same tack they're using with the dna database.
> Whenever the question of falsely-accused people having their dna removed
> the argument goes they need it left on for "reoffenders". Reoffenders?
> If the charges are dropped, or you're cleared by a jury of your peers
> then there was no offence, hence there is no "reoffence". Fuckers. The
> whole labour government is exactly the same. Presumed guilty. Let's hope
> the tories tear this stupid legislation up.

I was rather shocked with some of the surveillance that has been installed in London recently.
In my trip down to London I saw not only the Oyster "spyware" but also like 10 cameras at
each bus (!!!) When will they add 20 microphones so that can record each conversations in addition to
tracking /who/ goes on buses and who s/he interacts with?

It was not like this in London until quite recently. Now I understand why RMS made
noise about Oyster...

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