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Re: [News] [Rival] Vista 7 'Upgrade' Nightmares

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____/ Sinister Midget III on Friday 22 Jan 2010 04:04 : \____

> On 2010-01-21, Terry Porter <linux-2@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> claimed:
>> On Thu, 21 Jan 2010 18:49:54 +0000, Roy Schestowitz wrote:
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>>> Windows 7 Upgrade Troubles
>>> ,----[ Quote ]
>>> | â User idiocy resulted in my ignoring | documented restrictions on
>>> installing Windows | 7 onto a Windows XP platform.â Microsoft's |
>>> decision to ignore Windows XP systems for | upgrades may be revenge for
>>> the installed | base's overwhelming refusal to upgrade from XP | to
>>> Vista.â Microsoft's diagnostic program | failed to alert me to a major
>>> incompatibility | on MAIN that prevents installation (so far) of |
>>> Windows 7.â Microsoft provided no supported | tool under Windows 7 of
>>> reading backups | created under Windows XP.â A consistent | business
>>> continuity plan paid off in zero | downtime and zero data loss.
>>> `----
>>> http://www.pcworld.com/article/187163/windows_7_upgrade.html?tk=rss_news
>> What a nightmare!
>> They author gets Vista7 (Pro edu version) for $40 and is very happy until
>> he finds its useless to him, spends $300 on a retail version, and that's
>> useless as well and a month later his machine is still down.
>> As a Windows user from the days of Win3.0, I see basically nothing has
>> changed with this junk, it's still a expensive unfinished toy, white
>> goods for the masses.
> My boss told me yesterday about his efforts to get things going again
> after his Windummie Vista 7 had a brainfart. He, too, got a cheap Vista
> 7 version and found out it was worthless when he had to start over. And
> during all of his mess, his Windwoes Server something-or-other crapped
> out, too, and wiped out all of his backups. He ran out and got a full
> retail version of Windummie 7 to start all over. After somewhere around
> 6 hours of working on just the one machine (a little sleep in between)
> he called Microslop and they told him to piss off until he got Vista 7
> installed because that's what his support covered. Not installing XP.
> Not installing 64-bit Vista ME II, which is what he upgraded from. But
> Windopes Vista 7. Installing Vista 7 from scratch was going to screw up
> his important files on the machine he was trying to recover. And, I
> I really wish I'd had a recorder so I could get all of the details just
> right. But it might not have made a difference. I was laughing so hard
> I probably would have drowned out half of everything he said anyway.
> Just an average day in Windufus Land.

It's reported in the news that Vista 7 is hardly adopted in businesses*.
It's like Vista all over again and Microsoft is making up

There is no way for IT staff to justify this 'upgrade'.

* I posted a link to IDG some minutes ago.

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