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Re: [Rival] Ballmer Again Embarrasses Microsoft in Public

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____/ Erik Jan on Tuesday 02 Feb 2010 08:21 : \____

> Roy Schestowitz had de volgende lumineuze gedachte op 02-02-10 07:11:
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>> ____/ Homer on Friday 29 Jan 2010 14:06 : \____
>>> Verily I say unto thee, that Roy Schestowitz spake thusly:
>>>> The word "Evil" is a troubling one to use. It's being thrown around
>>>> in all sorts of contexts (sometimes religious) and it's based on
>>>> perspective.
>>>> The word "Evil" is used to cast nations/people/doctrines as "enemies"
>>>> and drive people to attacking that "Evil".
>>> As in Dubya's "Axis of Evil", which in reality means those who fail to
>>> cooperate with America's expansionism, yes. But then others' hijacking
>>> language for their own twisted ends, should not preclude that language
>>> from being used in the right context. Indeed it is all the more reason
>>> to clarify its meaning.
>>> For me, "evil" is not exclusively about religion. I also use it in the
>>> context of ethics to describe the extremities of "wrong", in the sense
>>> of those who deliberately, enthusiastically and repeatedly do the most
>>> harm without remorse. That is the key which differentiates "evil" from
>>> something that's merely "bad", IMHO. Whether or not one then wishes to
>>> attribute the characteristic of "evil" to psychological, sociological,
>>> genetic, or religious origins, is a matter for the individual. I'm not
>>> concerned about the origins; I'm concerned about the consequences.
>> Doesn't the word "Evil" have a religious root/connotation? It's not far
>> from "devil" (diablo).
>> The word "Evil" can be used to justify religious fanaticism. As if to say,
>> "this is the Evil Gawn has warned us about. It's in the Bibbly, so we must
>> obey."
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>> ~~ Best of wishes
> The word "Evil" can be used or abused for anything, but this does not
> matter. Its origin may be interesting or important, but this also does
> not matter. The importance of this concept is in its implication that
> justice is a universal and objective property of human existence, a law
> of human nature. And yes, we must obey. If we do not, we lose our
> humanity. Justice is what makes us humane.

Justice too is biased. People used to perceive slavery as just; Gender discrimination

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better than having an operating system that nobody owns?"
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