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Re: [Rival] Ballmer Again Embarrasses Microsoft in Public

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____/ Homer on Friday 29 Jan 2010 14:06 : \____

> Verily I say unto thee, that Roy Schestowitz spake thusly:
>> The word "Evil" is a troubling one to use. It's being thrown around
>> in all sorts of contexts (sometimes religious) and it's based on
>> perspective.
>> The word "Evil" is used to cast nations/people/doctrines as "enemies"
>> and drive people to attacking that "Evil".
> As in Dubya's "Axis of Evil", which in reality means those who fail to
> cooperate with America's expansionism, yes. But then others' hijacking
> language for their own twisted ends, should not preclude that language
> from being used in the right context. Indeed it is all the more reason
> to clarify its meaning.
> For me, "evil" is not exclusively about religion. I also use it in the
> context of ethics to describe the extremities of "wrong", in the sense
> of those who deliberately, enthusiastically and repeatedly do the most
> harm without remorse. That is the key which differentiates "evil" from
> something that's merely "bad", IMHO. Whether or not one then wishes to
> attribute the characteristic of "evil" to psychological, sociological,
> genetic, or religious origins, is a matter for the individual. I'm not
> concerned about the origins; I'm concerned about the consequences.

Doesn't the word "Evil" have a religious root/connotation? It's not far
from "devil" (diablo).

The word "Evil" can be used to justify religious fanaticism. As if to say,
"this is the Evil Gawn has warned us about. It's in the Bibbly, so we must obey."

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