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Re: [News] Moving to GNU/Linux, Loving it Within Days

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____/ JeffM on Thursday 04 Feb 2010 20:59 : \____

>>>JeffM wrote:
>>>>he says
>>>>:I won't be using Chinese anytime soon.
>>>>:The input method for Chinese on windows system
>>>>:is much superior than the Linux version.
>>>>Does anyone know an obvious trick that he's missing?
>>Roy Schestowitz wrote:
>>>Why does he not use Chinese distributions localised for the region?
> Talk about the elephant in the room!
> ...but maybe he's hung up on a repository density.
> Peter KÃhlmann wrote:
>>He could just as well use one of the big distros.
>>Those support chinese.
> That's what I was thinking.
> I figured he missed something in the Setup menu
> or something else truly obvious.  (I'm monolingual.)
> It appears that he doesn't have a local LUG
> or simply doesn't know about them.
> This seems like one of the first things a member would mention.
>>chinese characters with standard MS Unicode[...]
>>are merrily displayed. As square boxes
> Ah.  The Micros~1 "standard".

Since very old versions of KDE I've had no trouble with any 'foreign' characters as I did
in Window^H^H^H 98.

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