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[News] Mozilla Targets Only Linux Phones

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Android Progress: More Pixels Edition

,----[ Quote ]
| Mouse events sort of work, toplevel windows 
| sort of work, keyboard doesn't work yet but 
| shouldn't be hard to hook up.  This is 
| running in an emulator at the moment for 
| ease of debugging, but it's working just 
| fine on physical hardware as well.


China Internet Network Information Center accepted as a Mozilla root CA


Alternative Browsers: Beyond Chrome and Firefox

,----[ Quote ]
| Firefox too mainstream for ya? Bored with 
| Chrome or Opera? Linux users with a wandering 
| eye can find plenty of browser alternatives, 
| from the super-useful to niche browsers that 
| offer moderate improvements on existing 
| browsers like Firefox. We look at some of the 
| âalternativeâ browsers on Linux that weâve 
| found interesting and useful over the years.



Mozilla Sponsors GNOME Accessibility Efforts

,----[ Quote ]
| The GNOME Foundation is happy to announce a
| substantial donation from the Mozilla
| Corporation to benefit the GNOME Project's
| accessibility efforts. The donation will help
| continue the collaborative efforts between
| GNOME and Mozilla on Accessibility.


How Should Mozilla Execute Its Vision?

,----[ Quote ]
| The announcement by the GNOME Foundation that it is appointing Stormy Peters
| as its Executive Director confirms a suspicion that I've harboured for a
| while: that we are witnessing the evolution of major open source projects
| into new kinds of players in the computing world, ones that require full-time
| staff not just to run them, but also to articulate what exactly they are
| trying to do beyond the code.
| The pioneer in this field is obviously the Mozilla Foundation, which has
| grown from an apparently doomed attempt to hack the original Netscape
| Navigator code into something half-usable, to a high-profile, media-savvy
| outfit that is not just winning market- and mind-share, but starting to frame
| many of the most important discussions within the open source world.


Mozilla's Prism to bring Web apps to desktop

,----[ Quote ]
| Mozilla now has prototypes of Prism running on Windows with early versions on
| Mac and Linux under way.
| Future versions include offline access to information with Firefox 3 and
| three-dimensional graphics.

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