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[News] Symbian's "Open Source" Status Disputed by Linux and GPL Guru

  • Subject: [News] Symbian's "Open Source" Status Disputed by Linux and GPL Guru
  • From: Roy Schestowitz <newsgroups@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Sat, 06 Feb 2010 02:34:37 +0000
  • Followup-to: comp.os.linux.advocacy
  • Newsgroups: comp.os.linux.advocacy
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Symbian is Open Soruce - Really?

,----[ Quote ]
| In recent news, the Symbian Foundation 
| announced that "All 108 packages containing 
| the source code of the Symbian platform can 
| now be downloaded from Symbian's developer 
| web site". This is great news! 
| [...]
| Either I'm too stupid, or I am unable to 
| find any source code for those two 
| components. I'm quite sure something 
| essential like the API's for making phone 
| calls are considered part of the Symbian 
| platform.


At least they try.

Symbian using Drupal

,----[ Quote ]
| The Symbian Foundation is a non-profit 
| organization that stewards the Symbian 
| platform, an operating system for mobile 
| phones and smartphones. The Symbian 
| Foundation was founded by Nokia, Sony 
| Ericsson, Motorola, Texas Instruments, 
| Vodafone, LG Electronics, Samsung 
| Electronics, STMicroelectronics and AT&T. 
| Today, their website runs Drupal. 


Symbianâs EPL versus the Linux GPL.

,----[ Quote ]
| The GNU General Public License (or GPL) 
| seeks to codify the Four Software Freedoms 
| coined by Richard Matthew Stallman â 
| specifically:
|    1. The freedom to run it.
|    2. The freedom to study and adapt it.
|    3. The freedom to redistribute it.
|    4. The freedom to improve it.
| Itâs important to note that under the GPL 
| authors can still release software 
| commercially â that is, charge for it. But 
| unlike most commercial software the end user 
| is free and clear to modify what theyâve 
| paid for, and even charge for the result 
| should they so desire.


Symbian won't lead an open source revolution

,----[ Quote ]
| And although Symbian is already the most 
| widely used mobile operating system in the 
| world, its decision to open up its source 
| code is more likely an attempt to push back 
| a challenge from Android than to undercut 
| the proprietary mobile operating systems 
| such as iPhone and BlackBerry. Android is 
| projected to become the second-most used 
| mobile operating system behind Symbian by 
| the end of 2012. 


New, Open Symbian Looks Beyond Smartphones

,----[ Quote ]
| But carriers are already looking to 
| connected devices to shore up slimming voice 
| margins, and a variety of new tablets will 
| come to market this year. It may seem odd to 
| hear that the 10-year-old Symbian platform 
| is targeting the new wave of devices, but 
| itâs a smart move for an operating system 
| that continues to lose market share â 
| especially now that Nokiaâs long-term hopes 
| for high-end handsets hinge on Maemo.


Symbian tablets 'very likely', says Foundation chief 

,----[ Quote ]
| On Thursday, the Symbian Foundation 
| announced that it had completed the open-
| sourcing of its mobile operating system â 
| the largest such migration in software 
| history.
| ZDNet UK spoke to Lee Williams, chief 
| executive of the Symbian Foundation, to 
| learn more about the implications of the 
| open-sourcing process for the venerable OS 
| and find out what people can expect from 
| upcoming versions.



Why is Google Android beating Symbian?

,----[ Quote ]
| In the battle of the open-source mobile
| platforms, developers have at least two
| choices: Google Android, which is open
| source but (relatively) closed development,
| or Symbian, which is open source...once it
| gets around to releasing the full source
| code.

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