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Re: [News] USB: Better in Linux Than in Windows, Suggests Experience

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____/ Chris Ahlstrom on Saturday 06 Feb 2010 13:16 : \____

> 7 pulled this Usenet boner:
>>> Sigh! A simple USB stick causes so many problems.
>>> ,----[ Quote ]
>>> | This is going to be a rant against windows.
>>> | If you don't like hearing negative things
>>> | about windows then don't read this.
>>> | Seriously, don't read this. On the other
>>> | hand, if you like hearing about windows
>>> | problems then please continue :)
>> Anyone risking USB sticks with windummy computer
>> is risking all data loss hell when they stick it
>> in a windummy computer.
> USB sticks are *banned* at our customer's site, due to being a serious
> malware vector for Windows systems.  One has to use an IT-certified USB
> external drive with a certification sticker on it.

A NASA 'spacecraft' orbiting Earth got infected via USB (they foolishly used Windows, now
they seem to be using more GNU/Linux, based on a recent CNET interview).

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