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[News] New GNOME Journal is Released

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GNOME Boston Summit 2009

,----[ Quote ]
| Each year over Columbus Day weekend, GNOME 
| developers â especially North Americans â 
| gather for a casual hackfest in Boston, 
| Massachusetts. The atmosphere is friendly 
| and informal; most of the attendees know 
| each other from other GNOME events. There 
| are no booths at the event; companies are 
| only represented by their employees.
| This yearâs Summit was especially 
| productive. With a clear goal in sight 
| (GNOME 3.0), everyone seemed to be on-task. 
| Discussions were cordial and not too 
| tangential. Ideas were rapidly brought up 
| and filtered. New objectives were set and 
| agreed upon. And, perhaps best of all, this 
| Summit was very cohesive: almost everyone 
| was able to attend every session that they 
| needed to.


Interview with Jonathan Thomas, creator of the OpenShot video editor

,----[ Quote ]
| Paul Cutler interviews Jonathan Thomas, 
| creator of the OpenShot video editor. 
| OpenShot is a non-linear video editor with 
| support for many audio and video codecs, 
| GNOME drag and drop support, titles, 
| transitions video encoding and transcoding 
| and more.


Writing Multimedia Applications with Vala

,----[ Quote ]
| The story of Vala begins with JÃrg 
| Billeter. He noted that writing and 
| refactoring GObject-based code in C 
| required a lot of extra work that more 
| modern languages automated. He also noted 
| that these modern languages do not produce 
| libraries that can be easily used in other 
| environments. He wanted a full-featured 
| object-oriented language that could produce 
| C-style interfaces automatically. (See the 
| Gee collection class for a perfect example 
| of Vala solving this problem.) He mentioned 
| his idea to fellow student Raffaele 
| Sandrini, who jumped in to help build the 
| early compiler.



Happy Birthday GNOME Journal!

,----[ Quote ]
| After taking 2008 off, Iâm happy to say that 2009 is
| turning into a banner year for GNOME Journal, and 2009 has
| seen more issues published than any year other 2005, and
| weâre on pace to break 2005âs record of five issues.

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