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[News] Free Software and Collaboration in Government and IETF

  • Subject: [News] Free Software and Collaboration in Government and IETF
  • From: Roy Schestowitz <newsgroups@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Sun, 07 Feb 2010 08:18:51 +0000
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Open Source Policies in San Francisco and California Take Different Paths

,----[ Quote ]
| Like the mayor, California's IT leadership 
| recognizes that open source could be a 
| money-saver. But it's apparent that the 
| state isn't touting open source with quite 
| as much gusto as Newsom. "It's not like 
| we're giving agencies carte blanche to 
| throw up any kind of OSS (open source 
| software) that they want," Farley told 
| Government Technology last month. 
| California's policy "normalizes" the 
| state's use of open source software, giving 
| "a framework for departments to use OSS out 
| of the shadows, more or less," he 
| explained.
| The state's more cautious approach likely 
| stems in part from wariness about security. 
| Mark Weatherford, the state's chief 
| information security officer, recently 
| wrote in a blog post on Govtech.com that he 
| has been on both sides of the argument 
| about open source.


IETF turns introspective with new wiki 

,----[ Quote ]
| Assessing how successful an IETF standard has 
| become should help the Internet standards 
| body, and its working groups, better 
| understand the impact of the work it is doing, 
| said Dave Crocker, an IETF member and a 
| principal at the Internet consulting firm 
| Brandenburg InternetWorking. Crocker led the 
| creation of the wiki. 



IETF Involved In Row Over Patent Potentially Covering New TLS Standard

,----[ Quote ]
| In an e-mail message sent to various mailing lists, Mr Richard Stallman
| argued:
|     "A patented standard for software is worse than no standard, because it
|     functions to augment the patent holder's stranglehold over society. What
|     everyone ought to do is resist it.
|     As long as the IETF allows patented standards for software, anyone can
|     argue about any proposed patented standard that it important enough to
|     excuse the patent. Others can argue that it is not, but since that is a
|     question of judgment, the conclusion is never inevitable. So the risk is
|     always broader than it might appear."
| Obviously Mr Stallman and, with him FSF, are launching an attempt to use the
| particular Draft standard at stake as a vehicle for launching a broader
| political debate on CII patenting in the wider context of the IETF.

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