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[News] Victory Against Censorship in Australia, US Leadership Takes Away Liberties

  • Subject: [News] Victory Against Censorship in Australia, US Leadership Takes Away Liberties
  • From: Roy Schestowitz <newsgroups@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Sun, 07 Feb 2010 08:32:40 +0000
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Australian censorship law collapses under public disapprobation

,----[ Quote ]
| South Australia's thin-skinned candy-ass 
| politicians passed a law prohibiting any 
| anonymous political commentary on blogs 
| (but not "real" news-sources) prior to 
| elections on penalty of a fine of AU$1250. 
| Defending the measure, South Australia's 
| Attorney General, Michael Atkinson claimed 
| that a poster on AdelaideNow, Aaron 
| Fornarino, was a fictional construct 
| created by his political opponents to smear 
| him. Turns out that Mr Fornarino lives just 
| down the street from Atkinson's office. 
| Humiliated, Atkinson rescinded the 
| censorship law: "From the feedback we've 
| received through AdelaideNow, the blogging 
| generation believes that the law supported 
| by all MPs and all political parties is 
| unduly restrictive. I have listened. I will 
| immediately after the election move to 
| repeal the law retrospectively... It may be 
| humiliating for me, but that's politics in 
| a democracy and I'll take my lumps." 


Liberties oversight panel gets short shrift

,----[ Quote ]
| President Obama is coming under pressure 
| from Democrats and civil liberties groups 
| for failing to fill positions on an 
| oversight panel formed in 2004 to make sure 
| the government does not spy improperly on 
| U.S. citizens.


FBI wants records kept of Web sites visited

,----[ Quote ]
| The FBI is pressing Internet service 
| providers to record which Web sites 
| customers visit and retain those logs for 
| two years, a requirement that law 
| enforcement believes could help it in 
| investigations of child pornography and 
| other serious crimes. 



Why You Should Be Afraid Of Internet Censorship in Australia, Even If You Donât Live There

,----[ Quote ]
| The spectre of broadscale Internet
| censorship in Australia has been covered
| previously here on The Next Web before, but
| many outside Australia may wonder: why
| should you care if you donât live in
| Australia.
| If youâre not aware of whatâs proposed, the
| short version is that Australia is proposing
| to introduce a compulsory firewall that
| filters content based on a blacklist of
| banned sites.
| Whatâs going to be on that list is even now
| still somewhat confused. The Censorship
| Minister Stephen Conroy has stated that all
| Refused Classification content will be
| banned, which in Australia would extend to
| computer games unsuitable for children
| (Australia has no adult (R18+) rating for
| computer games,) small breasts, information
| about euthanasia, discussion forums on
| anorexia, as well as the usual nasties of
| child porn. To complicate matters, a site
| may be refused classification in Australia
| if it links to a site that is refused
| classification, which could literally result
| in half the internet being blocked.

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