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[News] Patents Good for Trolls & Monopolists, Bad for Medicine

  • Subject: [News] Patents Good for Trolls & Monopolists, Bad for Medicine
  • From: Roy Schestowitz <newsgroups@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Sun, 07 Feb 2010 08:43:21 +0000
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Non-Practicing Patent Holders Winning Bigger And Bigger Awards -- And Why They Like East Texas

,----[ Quote ]
| It's no secret that many non-practicing 
| entities (i.e., patent holders who do not 
| actually build anything, but just try to 
| license their patent or sue others for 
| infringement) tend to prefer jury trials. 
| It's well-known that juries, who have been 
| fed years of misleading (and sometimes 
| blatantly false) stories of the mythic 
| "sole inventor," are extremely sympathetic 
| to stories of big bad companies "stealing" 
| ideas from lone inventors. 


Boston Scientific to Pay J&J $1.73B to Settle Stent Patent Disputes

,----[ Quote ]
| Boston Scientific Corp. said Monday it 
| would pay Johnson & Johnson a hefty $1.73 
| billion to end more disputes in long-
| running legal battles over patents for 
| heart stents.


How Patents Harm Biotech Innovation

,----[ Quote ]
| Patent defenders often claim that patents 
| are necessary because top venture 
| capitalists would never invest without 
| patents. And yet, we keep pointing to 
| examples of some of the best venture 
| capitalists in the business who are quite 
| skeptical of patents. 


Do Patents Slow Down Innovation?

,----[ Quote ]
| Iâm still obsessed with my mission to 
| âabolish software patentsâ especially after 
| receiving yet another email from a new 
| startup that claims to be a âPatent 
| Insurance Company.â  A number of these have 
| popped up recently in the past few years, 
| including several that are funded by VCs.  

| Their pitch is that you pay them an annual 
| fee, license any patents you have to them, 
| and they will âprotect youâ against any 
| patent litigation.  Whenever I hear this 
| pitch, all I can think about is Al Capone 
| walking the streets of Chicago going door 
| to door offering âprotectionâ to all of the 
| local businessmen if they will pay his vig 
| every week.



Profit from patents: sue, don't produce

,----[ Quote ]
| No surprises: the trolls make more from
| suing than performing entities
| (manufacturers) do from suing (shorter time
| to trial, higher success rate, higher
| damages).

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