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Re: Mary-Jo Foley too much of a M$ fangirl to be a good reporter?

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____/ George Orwell on Sunday 07 Feb 2010 16:56 : \____

> http://blogs.zdnet.com/microsoft/?p=5152%20&tag=content;wrapper
> I've noticed for quite a while that Mary-Jo is simply too much of a
> Microsoft fangirl to be a truly unbiased reporter. I can understand her
> not being outright anti-Microsoft because that would get her shut out
> of the company she's reporting on. But that doesn't mean she has to
> defend almost everything the company does. She almost sounds like a
> Microsoft PR-spokesperson disguised as a reporter, defending M$ and its
> management no matter how they screw up and always trying to find a
> positive spin on any news which negatively portrays the company.
> I've noticed too that The Register, in the past well known for it
> vitriolic attacks on Microsoft, has taken a much softer stand towards
> the company. I rarely see outright scathing critcism on them anymore,
> instead they usually merely report incidents in which the company is
> invovled (i.e. security lapses) with mild cynicism. Has The Register
> succummed to the carrot of Greenbacks?

The Register signed a deal with Microsoft and it has Microsoft boosters like
Kelly and Gavin on their staff. Microsoft's payments to The Register
paid off.

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