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[News] Oracle Takes Sun/OpenOffice.org, Java, Other Projects Further

  • Subject: [News] Oracle Takes Sun/OpenOffice.org, Java, Other Projects Further
  • From: Roy Schestowitz <newsgroups@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Mon, 08 Feb 2010 10:09:06 +0000
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IBM releases updated Symphony 3 office suite

,----[ Quote ]
| IBM has released Lotus Symphony 3, the 
| latest version of its office productivity 
| suite which is based on new code that 
| supports Microsoft Office applications.


IBM Launches Lotus Symphony 3 with More Microsoft Support

,----[ Quote ]
| IBM has upgraded its free Lotus Symphony 
| productivity suite, adding several features 
| that make its word processing, spreadsheet 
| and presentation applications work with 
| Microsoft documents. Launched in 2007 to 
| chip away at Microsoft Office, Symphony 
| failed to budge Office's share of 500 
| million seats. Instead, Symphony has 
| acquired a more potent rival in free, Web-
| based platforms such as Google Docs. IBM is 
| working to build the Web-based version of 
| Symphony under the Project Concord banner. 
| Concord will initially allow Web-based 
| editing for documents and proceed to Web-
| based spreadsheets and presentations.


Sun-Oracle Merger Looks Bright for OpenOffice, MySQL

,----[ Quote ]
| The announcement, which was actually a 
| planned webcast, reassured those worried 
| over the fate of two open-source Sun 
| products for small business: the database 
| software, MySQL and the productivity suite, 
| OpenOffice.org. The acquisition might make 
| MySQL and OpenOffice.org even more 
| competitive against costly Microsoft 
| counterparts (SQL Server and Microsoft 
| Office).


Database Thought Leaders Divided on Oracle MySQL

,----[ Quote ]
| With all of its newly acquired Sun 
| intellectual property and R&D in hand, 
| Oracle is now moving headlong into the 
| server, storage, processor, networking and, 
| yes, even the switch business. But the most 
| hotly debated factor in the acquisition has 
| been the MySQL database.


Continuent Finds Success Within SaaS Data Management And MySQL Market 


[MySQL slide]


[Maria-developers] Ideas for improving MariaDB/MySQL replication


McNealy's bittersweet memo bids good-bye to Sun

,----[ Quote ]
| The memo, sent Tuesday under the subject 
| line "Thanks for a great 28 years," has 
| more genuine emotion than you'll see in a 
| year's worth of official communications 
| from most corporate leaders. And even as he 
| departs the Sun stage, he couldn't resist 
| sprinkling in a number of characteristic 
| barbs--even taking his beloved auto 
| industry to task. 


New beginnings for Sun, MySQL -- and me

,----[ Quote ]
| The only bet Oracle had to make was that it 
| could run the business profitably. Given 
| Sun's bloated infrastructure and broad 
| range of unprofitable products, I don't 
| think it's that hard a task. Both Oracle 
| and IBM have become adept at running legacy 
| businesses for profit rather than growth.
| [...]
| Personally, I've enjoyed my time with MySQL 
| and Sun. It was a heckuva ride. I've never 
| had as much fun as we did growing MySQL 
| from a few million in revenue to more than 
| $100 million, with a community that 
| measures in tens of millions of users 
| around the world. The one side effect of 
| working for a high-growth startup is that 
| it can be quite addictive.

Calpont Launches InfiniDBâ Enterprise Analytic Database: First MySQL-Based Engine to Offer Scalable MPP Capabilities for Analytics and Data Warehousing


[JBoss:] We're still the home of open source

,----[ Quote ]
| I have to admit that I was one of those 
| people who sat through the entire 5 hours 
| of the Oracle/Sun presentations the other 
| day (it seemed longer!) In a way it's sad 
| to see Sun finally set over the horizon, 
| but in another way it has been inevitable 
| for a while and the whole process of the 
| acquisition really couldn't have been drawn 
| out much longer. So there we are: gone is 
| Sun and in its place is Snorcle (or is that 
| Oracun?) But where does this leave the 
| industry as a whole? Well Sun had quite a 
| portfolio of hardware and software, so 
| unlike the BEA or PeopleSoft acquisitions 
| this has potential wider ramifications. But 
| if you listened to the presentations then 
| it's almost as if Sun hasn't really gone 
| away but Oracle is just injecting a lot 
| more cash (and people) into the business.


[Red Hat:] Oracleâs Java Opportunity

,----[ Quote ]
| With the EUâs approval of Oracleâs 
| acquisition of Sun, Oracle is acquiring a 
| major hardware and software player, and 
| perhaps most significantly, they are now 
| taking stewardship of the Java platform. As 
| Oracle Chief Executive Larry Ellison said 
| shortly after the acquisition announcement 
| in April of last year, Java is âthe single 
| most important software asset we have ever 
| acquired.â


Oracle: Java Will Be 'Business as Usual'

,----[ Quote ]
| When Oracle lays its cards on the table to 
| present its road map for the combined 
| Oracle and Sun Microsystems organization, 
| one thing developers can expect is 
| consistency as far as Java is concerned, 
| according to an Oracle executive.


Laid off Wonderland developers to continue project

,----[ Quote ]
| Project Wonderland developers say they will 
| continue working on the virtual world 
| platform, despite being laid off after 
| Oracleâs takeover of Sun Microsystems.



Oracle Enterprise Pack for Eclipse 11g Available

,----[ Quote ]
| Oracle has announced the latest release of
| Oracle Enterprise Pack for Eclipse 11g, a
| component of Oracle Fusion Middleware. Oracle
| Enterprise Pack for Eclipse is a free set of
| certified plug-ins that enable developers to
| build Java EE and Web Services applications
| for the Oracle Fusion Middleware platform
| where Eclipse is the preferred Integrated
| Development Environment (IDE).

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