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Re: [Rival] - Manchester Police cut off from database for three days with virus

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____/ Homer on Sunday 07 Feb 2010 16:53 : \____

> Verily I say unto thee, that William Poaster spake thusly:
>> Something ironic about a police force using an OS from a company who
>> has been hauled into court, & been convicted of being a monopolist,
>> IMO. ;-) I wonder if they use anything else that's been manufactured
>> by criminals..
> The same applies to other government bodies, or for that matter any
> organisation or individual with a moral conscience.
> IIRC, the EU Commission was formally asked, by MEPs, to consider if
> Microsoft's antitrust convictions excluded them from being eligible
> for government contracts, under EU Financial Regulation Article 93.
> The response was that exclusion was justified, but not compulsory.
> Laws dealing with abusive business practises desperately need to be
> strengthened, to make it clear that such behaviour will not ever be
> tolerated, and to ensure that the Free Market remains Free for all.
> Until then, commerce will continue to be dominated by gangsters who
> run their bizniz like a racketeering operation.

I think the least one can too to correct this is to raise awareness, then leading
more of the public to demanding change.

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