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[News] New Era of UNIX/Linux is Phased in

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New Zealand School Shows Microsoft the Door

,----[ Quote ]
| Familiarity undoubtedly ranks among the 
| largest barriers to open source adoption â 
| software, like so many other things, is 
| habit-forming. Much of that familiarity, at 
| least among younger users, comes from the 
| prevalence of proprietary applications in 
| education, an area awash with government 
| regulations, competitive bidding, and its own 
| habit-induced hangups.
| Enter Albany Senior High School, an Auckland, 
| New Zealand-based unorthodox enclave of 
| education. The school, which opened its doors 
| in 2009, takes a different approach to 
| learning, utilizing open principles that 
| include open spaces, open interaction, open 
| opportunities â and open source.


Oracle and Apple: This Week's Big Tech News and What it Means for Linux 

,----[ Quote ]
| While Apple's announcement got most of the 
| attention, Oracle+Sun is of more interest to 
| most in the Linux community. Specifically, 
| after waiting something like nine months to 
| move forward with the acquisition, it's 
| finally real and Oracle is discussing its 
| roadmaps for all of Sun's product lines. Or 
| most of them, anyway.



NZ school ditches Microsoft and goes totally open source

,----[ Quote ]
| A New Zealand high school running entirely
| on open source software has slashed its
| server requirements by a factor of almost
| 50, despite a government deal mandating the
| use of Microsoft software in all schools.
| [...]
| The implementation uses Ubuntu on the
| desktop and Mandriva for four key servers
| (one firewall, one storage and two KVM
| hypervisors). Mandriva was selected because
| of the ease of using Mandriva Directory
| Server to manage the school's LDAP
| directory, but Brennan said either desktop
| or server OS could easily be replaced.


Kiwi high school issues shot heard around the open source world

,----[ Quote ]
| A New Zealand high school has defied the
| national government and struck a blow heard
| around the world of open source.
| Albany Senior High School is ignoring a deal
| worked out between the National Party
| government and Microsoft and claims it is
| saving a bundle.

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