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Re: [News] New Era of UNIX/Linux is Phased in

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____/ Mark Kent on Thursday 04 Feb 2010 21:59 : \____

> JeffM <jeffm_@xxxxxxxxx> espoused:
>> Roy Schestowitz wrote:
>>> New Zealand School Shows Microsoft the Door
>> Too many (all??) of the stories that have covered this
>> have misleading headlines.
>>>|Albany Senior High School[...]
>>>|which opened its doors in 2009
>> THAT is the key bit of information
>> that all these bozos writing those headlines are missing.
>> The school *didn't* "ditch" M$ or "dump" M$
> Perhaps not, but I'd wager a substantial sum that they've had to show
> Microsoft's sales people the door.  I've had similar issues at my school.
> Are you sure that this hasn't happened here?  I'd be amazed if it
> hadn't.
>> This article calls Deputy Principal Mark Osborne
>> "The Bravest Man in New Zealand".
>> http://www.lca2010.org.nz/programme/schedule/view_talk/50200
>>:With just two months remaining until the school's grand opening,
>>:Mark came to us and laid out a challenge:
>>:to use Open Source Software throughout the school
> Ah, so MS were almost certainly already there, and he required them to
> be removed.  I've been going through a similar process at my school, and
> it's exceedingly difficult to unpick the MS mess.

I heard they are still trying to infiltrate LUGs in schools (in Jordan for example).
Just about anything to neutralise opposition, but they are weakening...

>> The comments in the Slashdot coverage
>> included one that mentioned
>> how gladiators were taught to fight with wooden swords.
>> A response said that starting the students on M$'s junk
>> is like training them with aluminum foil swords.
>> http://linux.slashdot.org/article.pl?sid=10/01/25/0230231#30887748
> :-0

"The danger is that Microsoft is using strategic monopolistic pricing in the education market, 
with the governmentâs assistance, to turn our state university systems into private 
workforce training programs for Microsoft."
			--Nathan Newman

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