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Re: [Rival] Ballmer Again Embarrasses Microsoft in Public

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____/ Homer on Thursday 04 Feb 2010 05:09 : \____

> Verily I say unto thee, that Gregory Shearman spake thusly:
>> On 2010-02-03, Chris Ahlstrom <ahlstromc@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
>>> Homer pulled this Usenet boner:
>>>> My primary objective is the widespread counter-indoctrination of
>>>> the people subjected to the Intellectual Monopolists' propaganda,
>>>> thereby recruiting them into the counter-propaganda movement
>>>> against these Intellectual Monopolists and their cohorts. This
>>>> exponentially grows awareness of the truth that Intellectual
>>>> "Property" is a fraudulent concept, and the strength of the
>>>> movement against this concept, whilst simultaneously diminishing
>>>> the influence and legitimacy of Intellectual Monopolists. The
>>>> ultimate objective of this movement is the revocation of all laws
>>>> which support Intellectual Monopoly, and punishment of those who
>>>> subjected society to Intellectual Tyranny.
>>> You are the A.E. van Vogt of COLA!
>> How non-Aristotelian of him!!
>> A *new* man... a *null-a* man!
> Of course:
> "It is clear, then, that some men are by nature free, and others slaves,
> and that for these latter slavery is both expedient and right." ~ Aristotle.
> http://classics.mit.edu/Aristotle/politics.mb.txt
> For someone who studied logical fallacies as extensively as Aristotle,
> it's surprising that the basis of his own logical analysis is founded in
> something as flawed as syllogism - a simplistic form of analysis that
> might lead one to conclude that simply because one person is vulnerable
> to exploitation, and another person then exploits that vulnerability to
> his own benefit, then this exploitation must therefore be justified.
> Unsurprisingly, Intellectual Monopolists use the same device to justify
> their unethical exploitation of mankind's collective contribution to the
> Commons, by claiming that this exploitation benefits these Intellectual
> Monopolists, and is therefore justified. The key aspect of syllogism is
> its susceptibility to arbitrary manipulation, in order to justify nearly
> anything, and is therefore inevitably manipulated by devious, deceptive
> propagandists to support their unethical behaviour.

Copyright is often utilised as a system of censorship, a friend from China tells me.
Copyright is about control, without which the way society operates is just
radically different. But it's not copyright that's most controversial when
pushed to the extreme; it's patents, thoughts!

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