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[News] [Rival] Long Zune Downtime Followed by "Disappearing" Music

  • Subject: [News] [Rival] Long Zune Downtime Followed by "Disappearing" Music
  • From: Roy Schestowitz <newsgroups@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Mon, 08 Feb 2010 11:16:47 +0000
  • Followup-to: comp.os.linux.advocacy
  • Newsgroups: comp.os.linux.advocacy
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Microsoft investigating disappearing music from Zune Pass

,----[ Quote ]
| According to a post on the Zune Forums, owners 
| of the Zune Pass are having a bit of trouble 
| accessing the music they're paying for with 
| their subscription, as first reported by 
| Engadget. In less than two weeks, the thread 
| in question has passed 50 replies as users 
| complain and list what they can no longer 
| access: specific songs, entire albums, or even 
| everything produced by an artist. 


Microsoft hires incompetent people and it shows (see SideKick).


Microsoft schedules Zune services downtime for maintenance, nothing more

,----[ Quote ]
| Microsoft is taking its Zune services down for
| maintenance Monday night, January 25, at 10
| p.m. PT for approximately 24 hours. During
| that period, no content will be rentable or
| purchasable.


Zune service and Xbox Live offline Tuesday


Microsoft Zune Eats Apple iPod Dust in Holiday Sales

,----[ Quote ]
| OK, it's really no shocker that Apple's iPod
| touch trounced Microsoft's Zune HD in holiday
| sales. But couldn't the Zune have at least
| done a little better? Amazon's list of
| Bestsellers in Electronics has the iPod touch
| in the second and third spot, (8GB and 32GB
| models), while the Zune HD (32GB) languishes
| at number 89.


Microsoft lets Zune HD Apps fall through the cracks

,----[ Quote ]
| MS needs to pull their collective heads out and
| get to work here or they will surely lose the
| PMP fight and very quickly.


Microsoft Zune HD: No Reason To Live


Microsoft Zune Still Playing Catch-Up


Zune exec bails ahead of player's upcoming HD launch

,----[ Quote ]
| Microsoftâs Zune general marketing manager has quit the firm.


Microsoft's Zune HD Could Be Too Little, Too Late

,----[ Quote ]
| The company will be hoping to jump-start lackluster entertainment sales
| through Zune HD, among other things. Revenue from the company's entertainment
| and devices unit, which makes Zune and Xbox, fell by 25% in the company's
| fiscal fourth quarter, ending June 30.


Why Canât Microsoft Develop Software for Zune HD?

,----[ Quote ]
| The bottom line: Microsoft knows thereâs no real money in Zune software and
| doesnât want to invest its resources (the company has plenty of cash) in
| developing low value software. The problem: mobile developers have no
| incentive to leave the iPhone App Store in order to support the Zune HD, and
| consumers have little reason to buy the Zune HD without any software.


Will the Zune ever arrive in the UK, or will Microsoft kill it first?

,----[ Quote ]
| Zune sales are badly down in the US, and nothing suggests it's going to
| improve any time soon. What's Microsoft trying to prove with it?
| [...]
| So do you expect to see the Zune land in the UK before it's taken out the
| back of the Microsoft campus and shot, along with the Spot data wristwatch,
| the Smart Display and those other "good ideas" that weren't?


What's to become of Microsoft's answer to the iPod?

,----[ Quote ]
| To be sure, the Zune provides a tiny, and apparently deteriorating portion of
| Microsoft's business. Revenue for the non-gaming side of Microsoft's
| Entertainment and Devices unit, which includes the Zune, tumbled 42 percent
| to roughly $211 million for the fourth fiscal quarter ended in June â or
| about 2 percent of the software giant's total, according to regulatory
| filings.


Zune service and Xbox Live offline Tuesday


Time to axe Microsoft's Zune

,----[ Quote ]
| In a season - the Christmas shopping period - when consumer gadgets are
| supposed to fly off retailers' shelves, Microsoft's Zune experienced a
| stunning $100 drop in revenue, a 54 per cent plunge. Even Microsoft was
| surprised.
| But once again, Microsoft has insisted it's not going to kill the Zune and
| remains wedded to the pocket-sized albatross around its neck.


Follow your muse, Microsoft--get out of hardware



Microsoft hit by Zune sales crash


Microsoftâs Zune: $100 Million Sales Drop Plus Layoffs Equals Questions


Microsoft To Exit the Zune Business?


Microsoft Zune Revenue Fall More Than 50% In 2Q


When Will Microsoft Get a Clue?


Yes, It's Time For Microsoft To Kill The Zune (MSFT)


Zune Sales Tumble As Microsoft Tries To Compete With Apple iPod


Zune Sales Tumble As Microsoft Tries To Compete With Apple iPod

,----[ Quote ]
| Sales for the Microsoft Zune MP3 player tumbled by 54 percent during the last
| quarter while the Apple iPod grew more than 3 percent in market share. The
| battle of the multimedia players might have met its final match.
| Microsoft Corp reported last week that sales on its Zune MP3 player tumbled
| by 54 percent during the last quarter. The Zune rival, Apple Inc's iPod, grew
| more than 3 percent in market share and is seen as the dominate music player.
| While the software giant is cutting divisions that don't have improved sales,
| some analysts wonder if Zune is on the way out.


Microsoftâs Zune Slips

,----[ Quote ]
| At its much faster rate of decline, the Zune player looks like itâs headed
| from low to no market share â unless Microsoft jazzes up the product soon.


Microsoft hiding from the Zune?

,----[ Quote ]
| The Seattle Post-Intelligencer spots - or, rather, doesn't spot - the Zune in
| Microsoft's new advertising for that uber-social iPhone "competitor."
| According to Zune marketing director Adam Sohn, this is on purpose: "We're
| trying to funnel people from the software side....You don't have to buy the
| device immediately."


Microsoft (MSFT): Kill The Zune

,----[ Quote ]
| The Zune is another matter. Apple's lead is too large. The Zune is not a
| product which is terribly different from its competition.
| Microsoft can simply say it does not want to take a bath on the Zune while it
| is taking a more intelligent risk with Xbox profitability.
| Kill the Zune. Save some money.


Zune Guy Rant Against Microsoft and Zune no Longer Available

,----[ Quote ]
| We didnât want to post MSZuneFanâs âlast videoâ because of the hard language
| but weâre more than happy to report it now has been removed from YouTube.


Zune Guy calls Microsoft 'liars,' says Zune situation is 'f***ing bulls**t'

,----[ Quote ]
| You've probably heard by now that the infamous Zune Guy ("Microsoft Zune")
| was so disappointed with Microsoft that he's elected to have his ink removed
| in place of something more in line with his shifted priorities. In addition
| to the reconstructive work he's going to have, ZG claims that Microsoft
| actually lied to him about his free trip to the Redmond campus, which (as you
| might imagine) further tarnishes his image of the company. Unfortunately,
| according to reps from Microsoft we spoke with, the trip was never
| confirmed -- only discussed -- and ultimately canceled due to the very
| reasonable fear that it might lead a lot of "hyper-engaged users" to expect a
| trip of their own (though they did hook our man up with a free Zune and some
| related swag).


Zune absent from Microsoft exec's speech

,----[ Quote ]
| Zune? It appeared on one slide, but Bach never mentioned it.


The beginning of the end for the Microsoft Zune

,----[ Quote ]
| Some may even say this goes to the root of Microsoftâs heritage. How they
| came to achieve the operating system dominance and success by bullying
| smaller businesses or buying them out and marketing their product as their
| own.
| The way things are going, one can not help wonder if Microsoft have just run
| out of ideas on expanding their business and decided to jump on the âme-tooâ
| bandwagon.

http://tech.blorge.com/Structure%20/2008/05/25/the -beginning-to-the-end-for-the-microsoft-zune/

Zuneral this Saturday!

,----[ Quote ]
| We regret to report the sudden, unexpected death of Digital Rights
| Management. Details of the tragedy at present remain unclear, but he was
| rushed to the hospital following a direct collision with an oncoming future
| last week at 10 PM. He was seven years old.


GameStop to Stop Zune Sales

,----[ Quote ]
| Video-game retailer GameStopGME has decided to stop selling Microsoft's Zune
| players at its stores due to what it sees as insufficient demand from
| customers.


- From Vista to Zune: Why Microsoft Canât Sell to Consumers

,----[ Quote ]
| Microsoftâs marketing of Windows Vista and the Zune have failed in large part
| due to the fact that Microsoft has not learned how to effectively sell
| consumer products. Consumers buy Windows and Office, but thatâs because they
| have no choice, not because of the companyâs marketing savvy. Microsoft only
| effectively markets its products to businesses, which represents a very
| different type of sales relationship.


Zune Sales Still In the Toilet

,----[ Quote ]
| Selling a million Zunes across nine months seems particularly conservative
| for a company with Microsoftâs clout, particularly when considering that it
| was selling against the iPod, which got snatched up 40 million times over
| that same period. When Microsoft announced having shipped 1.2 million units
| in early July, Windows Enthusiasts rejoiced that the goal was reached,
| apparently unaware that Microsoftâs definition of âshippingâ means
| transferring product to a retailerâs warehouse.


Microsoft May Build a Copyright Cop Into Every Zune

,----[ Quote ]
| If you like to download the latest episodes of âHeroesâ or other NBC shows
| from BitTorrent, maybe you shouldnât buy a Microsoft Zune to watch them on.


Microsoft says Zune executive will leave company

,----[ Quote ]
| Bryan Lee, corporate vice president at Microsoft's entertainment
| and devices division, also played a key role in shaping the Xbox
| game console business and the introduction of its Internet
| Protocol television software.


Dancing Ballmer subjected to Zune dance therapy

,----[ Quote ]
| The japester appears to have used an internal Microsoft website to direct,
| well, just about anyone to this re-reinterpretation of Steve Ballmerâs
| infamous monkeyboy dance. Or is it a re-reinterpetation of Apple's iPod
| advertising campaign? In these mashed-up days, it's hard to tell.


A Legitimate Reason to Hate the Zune (And Microsoft Too)

,----[ Quote ]
| Here's the situation: Microsoft has agreed to pay a portion of
| the profits from the sales of the Zune to a record company
| (Universal) because the Zune will undoubtedly be used to
| store unpurchased songs.
| [...]
| Here it is important to remember a few simple things. The
| money goes to the Universal, not to the artists.
| [...]
| Microsoft's move sets a bad precedent and turns all consumers into
| thieves without evidence.

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