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[News] [Rival] Former Vice President Argues Microsoft Destoroyed Itself, Web Responds

  • Subject: [News] [Rival] Former Vice President Argues Microsoft Destoroyed Itself, Web Responds
  • From: Roy Schestowitz <newsgroups@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Mon, 08 Feb 2010 11:37:23 +0000
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  • Newsgroups: comp.os.linux.advocacy
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Microsoft's Failure to Innovate


Microsoft Is Getting Creatively Destroyed


Microsoft Suffers from Creative Difficulties, Says Former Exec


Sack Ballmer? Break Up the Company? How Microsoft Could Innovate


The Instability of Monopolies


Weekly high-tech hot topics in the blogs: Microsoft's creative destruction, Nexus One


Global CIO: Microsoft's Suicidal Infighting: An Insider's Story 

,----[ Quote ]
| Late last year, I wrote about how Microsoft 
| had lost its will to lead and had become a 
| big but passive follower and imitator whose 
| competitors regard it this way:
| "They see Microsoft as drifting toward fat 
| and complacent, prone to bold talk but 
| tepid action, and increasingly satisfied 
| with being a not-so-fast follower instead 
| of the brash and aggressive embracer of 
| high-risk strategies and approaches that 
| enabled Microsoft to dominate markets by 
| sheer dint of its unmatched will and its 
| sometimes-brutal assault on any and all 
| obstacles between it and the top spot."


Has Microsoft become clumsy, dysfunctional and uncreative?

,----[ Quote ]
| Bill Gates is no longer a day-to-day force 
| at Microsoft Corp., but you have to wonder 
| what he makes of the smackdown delivered by 
| a former Microsoft vice president in the 
| New York Times.


How the mighty fall

,----[ Quote ]
| A sensational piece in todayâs New York 
| Times by Dick Brass, former vice president 
| at Microsoft between 1997 and 2004, on the 
| continuing struggles at the software giant. 
| Mr Brass worked on the companyâs 
| unsuccessful attempts to develop popular 
| tablet PCs and e-books. You might think he 
| is writing out of bitterness and 
| disappointment. But he offers a measured 
| (and fascinating) commentary on the 
| difficulty big, successful companies have 
| in changing to adapt to new times.


Microsoft Urged to Look Past the PC


Oracle's Ellison becomes the Mighty Muscle

,----[ Quote ]
| Here's some quotes from him about 
| Microsoft: "If an innovative piece of 
| software comes along, Microsoft copies it 
| and makes it part of Windows. This is not 
| innovation. This is the end of innovation". 
| And "Microsoft is already the most powerful 
| company on earth, but you ain't seen 
| nothing yet."


Former VP Says Microsoft is "Failing" Despite Windows 7 Profits

,----[ Quote ]
| Executive blames lack of creativity for the 
| supposed problems at Microsoft, points to 
| RIM, Apple, and Amazon as innovators


Admit It, Microsoft: You Suck at the Web

,----[ Quote ]
| And what does it have to show for all its 
| effort? Years of losses. Since 2002, when 
| Microsoft began breaking out MSN and online 
| services as a separate category, the 
| division has seen aggregate revenue of $20 
| billion but a total operating loss of 
| nearly $7 billion. In the past 18 months, 
| the losses in proportion to revenue have 
| only grown larger. Microsoft now spends 
| nearly two dollars on its online businesses 
| for every dollar it makes in revenue. Major 
| points for trying, but itâs time to call a 
| failure a failure.


Why Microsoft Canât Growâ And Why Its Shareholders Deserve More Cash

,----[ Quote ]
| There is no shame in Microsoft coming to 
| the realization that they have one and a 
| half valuable properties and that they are 
| wasting time and money on everything else 
| (see chart below).


Microsoft Online Division Revenues Improve, But Remain at a Loss


Measuring Our Work by Its Broad Impact


Microsoft Defends Itself Against Op-ed by Former VP


Microsoft flings chairs at former VP

,----[ Quote ]
| SOFTWARE MONOLITH Microsoft is fuming after 
| a blog post penned by a former vice 
| president claimed the outfit had lost its 
| edge and is "failing" as a result.


Microsoft and Innovation -- On iTunes, 2003: "We were smoked"

,----[ Quote ]
| I had no idea when we began working on this 
| project that the Comes exhibits covered 
| such a broad time period, so far from 1988 
| to 2003. I woke up this morning thinking 
| about the BBC's truly offensive series on 
| innovation and the internet, which you can 
| only view in the UK, in which Bill Gates of 
| all people is one of those highlighted as 
| an internet innovator, if you can believe 
| it. Maybe because ex-Microsoft employees 
| seem to be running things there? Having 
| just transcribed several emails that prove 
| that Microsoft was perhaps the very last to 
| hop on board, I realized that with this 
| collection of exhibits, we are indeed 
| publishing The True History of Microsoft. 
| Please feel free to help out. You can 
| either transcribe any exhibit in full, in 
| part or just describe it enough so it's 
| keyword searchable. Come on and join us if 
| you'd like to help historians in the future 
| know how it really was and what really 
| happened, keeping always in mind that this 
| is still only part of a complex picture, 
| despite their great historical value.
| Here's Microsoft Corporate's response to 
| the NY Times Op Ed piece, to be complete in 
| our coverage, and fair, but also so you can 
| compare it and Brass's words with what you 
| find in the exhibits. I think you will 
| agree with my opinion, that Brass's 
| characterization of Microsoft as "a largely 
| accidental monopolist" is hardly accurate. 



Microsoft Cuts Off its Nose... (updated)

,----[ Quote ]
| Call me cynical, but I don't think that's going to wash with the punters.
| They will rightly see this as Microsoft throwing a pan-galactic strop, and
| doing all it can to be as nasty as possible to the European Union â
| forgetting in its rage that the ones it will most upset are those people
| formerly known as locked-in users.
| Except that nowadays, they aren't so locked in. Improved cross-platform
| compatibility for apps means that alongside GNU/Linux (admittedly still
| something of an acquired taste), there's also Apple's hardware, which is
| becoming increasingly popular on the desktop. Or why not simply stick with XP
| and forget about Windows 7 just like everybody forgot about Windows Vista?

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