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[News] Android/Linux Best Hits, New Bargain

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6 of the Best Android Mobile Devices

,----[ Quote ]
| Android is the name given to a mobile 
| operating system using a customised version 
| of the Linux kernel. It was first released in 
| late 2008. The platform enables developers to 
| write code in the Java language, controlling 
| the device via Java libraries developed by 
| Google.


Google/HTCâs Nexus One is only $49 (in a manner of speaking)

,----[ Quote ]
| Would you like to get the Google/HTC Nexus 
| One Superphone for a cool $49?
| What if I also threw in the unlocked version 
| of the phone?
| Now what if I also said you donât need to 
| sign a two year contract?
| [...]
| So, Google/HTC could have very easily made 
| this one phone model compatible with not only 
| T-Mobile and AT&T, but pretty much any 3GSM 
| network worldwide if they only included the 
| right combination of power amplifiers. 
| According to iSuppliâs teardown of the Nexus 
| One, the four small power amplifiers that are 
| in the Nexus One only account for $2.20 in 
| manufacturing costs. $2.20! How much more 
| could a different combination of power 
| amplifiers have cost? Maybe another $2 (at 
| most)?!


Make sense of the Android buzz with this cheat sheet



Android Tablets vs. Apple iPad: Comparison/Review

,----[ Quote ]
| With the launch of Appleâs new iPad this week,
| everyone seems to have their eyes tuned into
| the tablet market. Well jump on over to
| Gizmodo for the full review and comparison of
| the iPad, HP Slate, JooJoo, and a few Android
| tablets (Notion Ink Adam, Dell Mini 5, Archos
| 7 Android).

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