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[News] Microsoft, Novell and Mono Poison Other Distributions of GNU/Linux

  • Subject: [News] Microsoft, Novell and Mono Poison Other Distributions of GNU/Linux
  • From: Roy Schestowitz <newsgroups@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Tue, 09 Feb 2010 02:27:12 +0000
  • Followup-to: comp.os.linux.advocacy
  • Newsgroups: comp.os.linux.advocacy
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A New Rant â Microsoft, Ubuntu, Canonical, Novell, and Mono

,----[ Quote ]
| I was reading Goblinâs latest post at 
| OpenBytes. He had some interesting points, 
| but I thought he was missing a few things. At 
| point I hit four paragraphs in response, I 
| decided to answer him here instead, because I 
| kept on thinking of more things to say. 
| Goblinâs concern is that Canonical, the 
| company behind the Ubuntu family of GNU/Linux 
| operating systems, is bringing out a new 
| product called Ubuntu One, and they are going 
| to make a Windows version as well as a Linux 
| version.
| Goblinâs is right â Canonical seems to be 
| moving closer to Microsoft, both in supplying 
| a Windows version of Ubuntu One, and because 
| of Canonicalâs new search deal with Yahoo. 
| Since  Yahoo has a search deal with 
| Microsoft, Canonical is in effect delivering 
| Microsoft Bing search results to GNU/Linux 
| users.
| [...]
| Yes, Microsoft is trying to use itâs monopoly 
| to force everyone else out of the market. 
| Theyâve bought several companies recently who 
| produced products for multiple operating 
| systems, and then proceeded to make them 
| Windows only. So sorry, we donât make a Unix 
| version anymoreâ The only problem with this 
| sort of action, is that those customers who 
| used the Unix version now know what Microsoft 
| thinks of their business. Nothing. So they 
| arenât going to buy more Microsoft product. 
| Thereâs no gain for Microsoft. Oh, strictly 
| Microsoft shops might buy a bit more, but 
| they are becoming rarer, as the advantages of 
| GNU/Linux servers become more evident.
| [...]
| Microsoft can limit competition in the 
| marketplace for a short period of time only. 
| This combined with the damage that Microsoft 
| has done to their brand by releasing failures 
| like Windows Vista, which limits the amount 
| of money they can spend on monopolistic 
| practises means that we are probably only 
| five-ten years from seeing a collapse of the 
| company, driven partly by their own 
| incompetence, and partly by the negative 
| image that the Microsoft brand has gained 
| over the last five years. For example Novell 
| made a deal with Microsoft, and Microsoftâs 
| bad reputation has affected Novellâs 
| reputation, to the point where a lot of 
| techs, even those who had used a lot of 
| Novell in the past, will not recommend Novell 
| products anymore. Another example is the 
| migration under way from Yahoo to Google, 
| because of Yahooâs pending deal with 
| Microsoft.
| [...]
| But Gnome may no longer matter. There are 
| rumours around the net about a âNew Desktop 
| Foundation.â The rumour I heard was that this 
| would be a fork of the Gnome desktop, 
| removing all Mono and C# packages. There are 
| enough people who are upset at Ubuntu, Gnome, 
| and Miguel de Icaza (one of the founders of 
| Gnome, and founder of the Mono project, and a 
| Microsoft MVP) that it could possibly be 
| true. I was also told that the use of âNewâ 
| was deliberate, since in English the 
| pronunciation is the same as the 
| pronunciation of âGnuâ.


A GIMP replacement? â Popping down the pub for a âPintaâ with Novell?

,----[ Quote ]
| Iâve often made the point that if Mono is so 
| great, where is the killer app for it?  Where 
| is the app that everyone MUST have?  Whatever 
| coders think about Mono and whatever they 
| create, its the end-user who will decide on 
| its future and I challenge anyone to show me 
| a FOSS project that continues to run when 
| nobody wants to use it.
| Over at 
| http://jpobst.blogspot.com/2010/02/over-
| holiday-break-i-stumbled-upon-this.html where 
| the Pinta project has a blog, the authors 
| description says:
|     âIâm Jonathan Pobst and I am a full-time
|     open source hacker for Novell. I work on 
|     Mono, specifically on Mono Tools for 
|     Visual Studio.
| and he certainly has âgreatâ aspirations for 
| this software.  Full time open source hacker?  
| You mean employee then?  Implying that he is 
| inspired by Paint.net.  Inspired by Paint.net 
| eh?â..moving swiftly onâ.
| [...]
| If I had seen a mass of Mono apps being 
| released to âhungryâ end users I may have 
| seen the need, but when Novell is seemingly 
| trying to create its own killer apps to 
| promote its own implementation of a Microsoft 
| framework then I really canât see the point 
| of this âgift to the worldâ.
| In the case of Mono and its associated 
| âwaresâ the most important person is not the 
| coder(s) behind the projects, but the end-
| user â YOU.  The success or failure of such 
| projects will solely depend on if they are 
| taken up by the âaverage desktop userâ who 
| outnumber enterprise/advocates/coders many 
| times over.  Ask yourself did you move to 
| Linux for a âFOSSâ implementation of a 
| Microsoft technology which is headed up by 
| Microsoft MVP Mr De Icazza or did you (like 
| me) move because you were tired of inhibiting 
| licenses, crashes, bloated software and the 
| blame being placed at the feet of anyone but 
| Microsoft? Were you fed up of the ethos of 
| âeverything has a priceâ or the takeaway menu 
| style purchasing of Microsoft products? - 
| Iâll let you decide.



LCA 2010: Allison warns of patent traps in Mono

,----[ Quote ]
| Patents are the only threat that Microsoft
| can brandish against free and open source
| software and that is exactly why people
| should be wary of the Mono project, free
| software advocate and Samba hacker Jeremy
| Allison told a packed auditorium at the
| 11th LCA today.
| Allison's presentation, titled "Microsoft
| and free software: the elephant in the
| room" was held in the second largest
| auditorium but it was difficult to find
| standing room once he got going.
| Sporting a T-shirt with the Samba logo on
| the front, and "opening windows to a wider
| world" on the rear, Allison presented a
| meticulously prepared set of arguments to
| show that patents were the only way which
| the word's largest software company had
| left to attack FOSS.
| Mono is an attempt to create an open source
| clone of Microsoft's .NET development
| environment; the project was begun by
| Novell vice-president Miguel de Icaza who
| claims this will pull Windows developers
| over to GNU/Linux.
| Allison said the patent war would be a
| never-ending conflict. "All the patent
| promises about Mono count for nothing," he
| said. Other methods of harming FOSS had not
| borne the expected fruit.

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