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Re: [News] Microsoft, Novell and Mono Poison Other Distributions of GNU/Linux

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____/ Homer on Wednesday 10 Feb 2010 14:19 : \____

> Verily I say unto thee, that Roy Schestowitz spake thusly:
>> ,----[ Quote ]
> [...]
>> | Goblinâs is right â Canonical seems to be moving closer to
>> | Microsoft, both in supplying a Windows version of Ubuntu One
> Also note the Ubuntu One infrastructure is proprietary:
> https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntuone-servers/+bug/375272
>> | and because of Canonicalâs new search deal with Yahoo.  Since
>> | Yahoo has a search deal with Microsoft, Canonical is in effect
>> | delivering Microsoft Bing search results to GNU/Linux users.
> This is a minor point, IMHO, although it does indicate Canonical is
> Microsoft "friendly", much like Novell. The bigger problem is the fact
> that Canonical have enthusiastically and unapologetically embraced the
> proprietary software paradigm, to a degree much greater than any other
> distro. In that sense they are certainly "moving closer to Microsoft".
>> | Yes, Microsoft is trying to use itâs monopoly to force everyone
>> | else out of the market.  Theyâve bought several companies recently
>> | who produced products for multiple operating systems, and then
>> | proceeded to make them Windows only. So sorry, we donât make a
>> | Unix version anymore...
> And this is precisely the danger of the paradigm Canonical have
> embraced. The inevitable result will be Canonical's transformation
> from a GNU/Linux distro provider to a proprietary-solutions provider,
> with a heavy bias towards the Windows platform, possibly to the eventual
> exclusion of GNU/Linux in some (or perhaps all) instances. This is
> apparently what they want, and they're developing this strategy by
> exploiting Free Software and its respective community of developers,
> essentially leeching Free Software to create non-Free Software and
> non-Open services. Of course, this strategy has been evident from day 1.
>> | But Gnome may no longer matter. There are rumours around the net
>> | about a âNew Desktop Foundation.â The rumour I heard was that this
>> | would be a fork of the Gnome desktop, removing all Mono and C#
>> | packages. There are enough people who are upset at Ubuntu, Gnome,
>> | and Miguel de Icaza (one of the founders of Gnome, and founder of
>> | the Mono project, and a Microsoft MVP) that it could possibly be
>> | true.
> Good.
> In fact I think we need to go even further, removing all trace of
> Microsoft "IP" from the entire GNU/Linux stack. I'd also like to see the
> kernel replaced with something whose developers were less tolerant of
> "blobs", and which is licensed GPLv3+, since it's clear that Torvald's
> will continue driving Linux towards an acceptance of proprietary
> restrictions. Indeed, even X11 needs to be replaced with something less
> archaic, and again licensed GPLv3+ rather than MIT, although finding a
> replacement for that will be somewhat more difficult than the kernel
> (I've found nothing at all so far).

It really depends on what you need. X11 is not even needed for most things.
The GNU toolchain and some multitasking-enabled kernel would do for many
embedded devices and servers just need a good kernel and server software
like Apache. Is there any good server software that's GPLv3-licensed?

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