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Re: [News] Microsoft, Novell and Mono Poison Other Distributions of GNU/Linux

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____/ 7 on Tuesday 09 Feb 2010 18:54 : \____

> Roy Schestowitz wrote:
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>> A New Rant â Microsoft, Ubuntu, Canonical, Novell, and Mono
>> ,----[ Quote ]
>> | I was reading Goblinâs latest post at
>> | OpenBytes. He had some interesting points,
>> | but I thought he was missing a few things. At
>> | point I hit four paragraphs in response, I
>> | decided to answer him here instead, because I
>> | kept on thinking of more things to say.
>> | Goblinâs concern is that Canonical, the
>> | company behind the Ubuntu family of GNU/Linux
>> | operating systems, is bringing out a new
>> | product called Ubuntu One, and they are going
>> | to make a Windows version as well as a Linux
>> | version.
> Ubuntu and most other distros made it to where they
> are today on the back of freedom software.
> They didn't need proprietary.
> If you expand too fast, then you do need money.
> But if they suddenly think they can go the
> proprietary route by milking the freedom movement
> then like SuSE, they will loose all their freedom developers.
> Ubuntu and anyone else having this nightmare with money
> and ambition should fork into commercial and
> free branches like RHAT and Fedora
> and not go around in endless frequently tried loops
> where they are trying to drag the freedom
> users into a sinking proprietary boat.
> Forking is 100% welcome. It tests the strength of
> a distro. And I hope all the mono crap is in the commercial
> edition and not forced on the freedom crowd.

Kubuntu is free of Mono and there will be no Yahoo! (Bong[sic]) in it, either.

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