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Re: USB: Better in Linux Than in Windows, Suggests Experience

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____/ hanukas on Tuesday 09 Feb 2010 09:21 : \____

> On 9 helmi, 10:50, Peter KÃhlmann <peter-koehlm...@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
>> hanukas wrote:
>> > On 6 helmi, 13:07, 7 <website_has_em...@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
>> >> Anyone risking USB sticks with windummy computer
>> >> is risking all data loss hell when they stick it
>> >> in a windummy computer.
>> >> In many instances, the FAT can be so corrupted
>> >> windummy OSen can never recover from the fault
>> >> and use that stick ever again!
>> > I don't even get as far as to that to make any difference: the 2 GB
>> > file size limit on FAT32 just kills the deal. It's incredible, that
>> > they sell people 32 GB, 64 GB (and even larger) USB2 sticks and the
>> > largest single file you can store on'em is 2 GB.
>> Bullshit.
>> The filesize limit on FAT32 is 4GB
> My mistake, still too small for most mkv files I'd use it for though.
> If the files won't fit they won't fit. =/

I needed to reformat my Seagate hard drives that come with Microsoft file systems
because of these obnoxious limitations.

No wonder Windows does not fit in HPC.

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