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[News] New Features in Samba, Curl

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Samba with Active Directory: getting closer

,----[ Quote ]
| From one point of view, Samba is open source 
| high drama at its finest: an early adopter of 
| version 3 of the GNU General Public License, 
| and the recipient of an unprecedented release 
| of formerly proprietary Microsoft 
| documentation, thanks to a high-profile anti-
| trust case. 


Curl Learns IMAP, POP3, SMTP 

,----[ Quote ]
| Command line downloader Curl and its Libcurl 
| library are available in version 7.20.0 with 
| expanded protocol support.
| Apart from HTTP, FTP and SCP, the tool can 
| handle IMAP, POP3 and SMTP, including their 
| SSL-secured versions. Also supported is RTSP, 
| the streaming protocol from RealNetworks for 
| multimedia content. 



Samba guru Jeremy Allison reflects on Open XML standardisation


Linux.conf.au 2010: Day 5 (morning)

,----[ Quote ]
| Andrew Tridgell: Patent defence for free
| software
| I missed the start of this talk, but when I
| arrived, Andrew was explaining how to read
| and interpret patent claims. This is even
| less obvious than one might suppose. He
| offered advice on which parts to read first,
| and which could be disregarded or referred
| to only as needed.
| Invalidating a patent entirely is difficult,
| but because patents are interpreted very
| narrowly, inventions can often be shown to
| be âdifferent enoughâ from the patented one.
| Where âworkaroundsâ are found, which enable
| free software to interoperate or solve a
| problem in a different way than described in
| a patent, Andrew says it is important to
| publish them far and wide. This helps to
| discourage patent holders from attacking
| free software, because the discovery and
| publication of a workaround could lead to
| them losing all of their revenue from the
| patent (as their licensees could adopt that
| instead and stop paying for licenses).

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