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[News] Army and Others Choose GNU Radio

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Armyâs New âSmart Radioâ May Revolutionize Communications

,----[ Quote ]
| The Communications-Electronics Research, 
| Development and Engineering Center (CERDEC) 
| is creating a Software-Defined Radio lab 
| that will work with the Navy Research Lab 
| to transfer work done previously on the 
| Joint Tactical Radio System to the GNU 
| Radioâs open-source, free software 
| environment.
| Tim Leising, director of the Software-
| Defined Radio lab at CERDEC, said his group 
| is focusing on developing and testing 
| future software defined radios with the GNU 
| platform to promote collaboration and 
| information-sharing via network 
| connections.


Macraigor extends on-chip debug support to Intel's Atom

,----[ Quote ]
| Macraigor is offering a free port of the 
| popular GNU toolkit (gcc, gas and gdb) for 
| the Atom processor on its website, as well 
| as full support for Eclipse Ganymede. 


2010's 25 geekiest 25th anniversaries 

,----[ Quote ]
| Our fourth annual compilation of the 
| current year's most notable technology-
| related 25th anniversaries includes 
| Microsoft's release of Windows 1.0, 
| registration of the first dot-com domain 
| names, the founding of AOL, the publication 
| of Richard Stallman's GNU Manifesto, and 
| the first fatal attack by the Unabomber.


It smells like a smear. The Microsoft-funded IDG 
people mention Unabomber (who had a manifesto) right 
after the Gnu manifesto. Coincidence? Intentional?


GNU Radio: the open-source software defined Radio

,----[ Quote ]
| GNU Radio is an open source Software Defined Radio (SDR) project that was
| started about ten years ago by Eric Blossom, an electrical engineer. The main
| idea which is behind this project, as its founder says, was to turn all the
| hardware problems into software problems, that is move the complexity of a
| radio equipment from the hardware level to the software one, and get the
| software as close to the antenna as possible.
| [...]
| The GNU Radio package is provided with a complete HDTV transmitter and
| receiver, a spectrum analyzer, an oscilloscope, a multichannel receiver and a
| wide collection of modulators and demodulators.

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