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[News] How the MSBBC Sneaked in DRM for Hollywood, Nominet Under Pressure

  • Subject: [News] How the MSBBC Sneaked in DRM for Hollywood, Nominet Under Pressure
  • From: Roy Schestowitz <newsgroups@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Thu, 11 Feb 2010 21:25:34 +0000
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  • Newsgroups: comp.os.linux.advocacy
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Why did Ofcom back down over DRM at the BBC?

,----[ Quote ]
| Back before the Christmas break, it looked 
| like Ofcom was ready to do its duty and 
| stop the BBC from adding digital rights 
| management technology to its high-
| definition broadcasts. After all, DRM 
| doesn't actually prevent copying â even the 
| BBC agrees that the scheme it's proposed 
| won't stop a determined copier, and once 
| that copy is on the internet, everyone else 
| will be able to get at it with a couple of 
| clicks.
| And DRM imposes social, monetary and public 
| interest costs: a DRM scheme will never be 
| able to embody the flexibility built into 
| the law that instructs judges to carefully 
| weigh up the copyright holder's exclusive 
| rights against the public's legitimate use 
| of copyrighted works for personal 
| archiving, format-shifting, commentary, 
| education, and the other traditional uses 
| that have fallen outside of the exclusive 
| purview of copyright corporations to 
| approve.
| [...]
| I love the Beeb, honestly I do. I am just 
| as worried about charter renewal in 2016 as 
| anyone in White City. But how on Earth can 
| the BBC's masters believe that adding DRM 
| will win over the affection of the Britons 
| whose support Auntie will need during the 
| next government?


UK government says Nominet EGM changes enough to get it off companyâs back

,----[ Quote ]
| The top civil servant at the Department for 
| Business (BIS, formerly BERR, formerly 
| DTi), David Hendon, has sent a letter [pdf] 
| back in response to a letter [pdf] from 
| Nominetâs chairman Bob Gilbert saying that 
| the EGM proposed changes would âlargely 
| remove the concernsâ that the government 
| has about Nominet.


The $9.99 Ebook Is Dead: Third Major Publisher Hachette Dumps on Amazon

,----[ Quote ]
| With a majority of the major publishers now 
| going to the agency model, it's logical 
| that the final two, Penguin and Simon & 
| Schuster, won't be far behind, especially 
| since they're a part of Steve's team. 
| (HarperCollins hasn't officially switched, 
| but Rupert Murdoch said on their earnings 
| call they're renegotiating to that, so I'm 
| counting it.) Three out of five, we're 
| calling it: Amazon's dream of a flat $9.99 
| for ebooks has flatlined.



BBC given go-ahead for Freeview HD copy-protection

,----[ Quote ]
| The BBC has been granted provisional approval
| for the BBC to introduce copy protection for
| content on the Freeview HD platform.
| With Freeview HD closing in on a commercial
| launch, focus has continued on what level of
| copy protection should be put in.


David Pogue tries DRM-free ebooks, sells more books than with DRM-crippled ventures

,----[ Quote ]
| Tech writing superstar David Pogue writes
| about his experiment with DRM-free ebook
| publishing. He concludes that even though his
| DRM-free book was pirated all over the net,
| the sales were as high as he expected them to
| be, based on his previous books' sales. Pogue
| goes on to talk about what he's learned here
| -- that DRM-free isn't necessarily bad for
| sales -- and invites other publishers to try
| it out.

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