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[News] Ministry Migrated to GNU/Linux

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How We Implemented Linux in Our Ministry

,----[ Quote ]
| Like many other people, our church and, more 
| importantly, our Christian school, ran the 
| Windows operating system on all computers. We 
| have about 15 computers in classrooms in 
| addition to our computer lab of 25 computers. 
| They were not the greatest computers to begin 
| with â Pentium 3, 8GB HDD, 64-128 Mb of RAM â 
| but that soon changed. We were given a large 
| donation of 65 Dell Optiplex GX260s one year 
| ago. Still not up to todayâs standards, but a 
| huge improvement over what we had and adequate 
| for our current needs.
| [...]
| There had to be a responsible alternative. And 
| there was. The answer was found in the Ubuntu 
| Linux operating system. Now, there are many 
| variations (distributions) of Linux, but I 
| have been using Ubuntu since 2006 on my 
| personal computers.



An open letter to Andrew Holness and the Jamaican Ministry of Education

,----[ Quote ]
| I am convinced the government has been lacklustre in pursuing technologies
| such as Linux, Open Source and notions such as FOSS. Brazil, Mexico and India
| are already using these to bring technology more cheaply to their nation.
| There are also revolutionary methods of implementing technology in the class
| room all throughout the Americas.

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