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[News] Government of Spain Shows Signs of Moves Towards Open Standards

  • Subject: [News] Government of Spain Shows Signs of Moves Towards Open Standards
  • From: Roy Schestowitz <newsgroups@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Fri, 12 Feb 2010 22:11:07 +0000
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Spanish Interoperability Framework, a consultancy by OPENTIA

,----[ Quote ]
| During more than two years, the main 
| consultants of OPENTIA have actively 
| participated in the creation of what could 
| be named the greatest work of public 
| interoperability ever made in Spain: the 
| Spanish Interoperability Framework and its 
| belonging technical and administrative 
| development.


Australia still impacted by the US influence/lobby:

Open source not free, Senate hears

,----[ Quote ]
| A 2007 AGIMO survey revealed that 68 
| percent of government agencies were either 
| piloting or using open source software.
| But further questioning from Greens Senator 
| Scott Ludlam yesterday revealed research 
| had not been undertaken since. AGIMO took 
| on notice a suggestion that the research be 
| revisited.
| Centrelink, the Australian Bureau of 
| Statistics and National Archives of 
| Australia were known to use open source 
| products; however, it was up to individual 
| agencies to make procurement decisions, 
| AGIMO said.
| Greens spokesperson Senator Scott Ludlam 
| had been pushing for the government to 
| adopt open source software to promote 
| openness and reduce costs.
| While open source software may reduce 
| licensing costs, the cost of support could 
| be an issue.



Microsoft Encroaching on Spanish Schools... Again

,----[ Quote ]
| Microsoft had lost the single Windows
| booting option in school computers in
| Spain some time ago. But now they are
| getting back: The Spanish Government
| announced in a surprising move that an
| agreement with Microsoft has been signed
| to give out laptops to primary
| schoolchildren next year.
| This goes waaaaay back. We have reported
| about the interest Microsoft has in
| installing its operating system on as many
| schoolchildrens' laptops as possible here,
| here and here.
| Having lost the single Windows booting
| option in all regions in Spain and having
| been ditched in most regions where single
| boot machines with GNU/Linux over the
| proposed dual Window/Linux booting is
| prefered, the people from Redmond have
| decided to move business into the place
| where things usually work out best for
| them: the back room.
| [...]
| Jose MarÃa Lancho, president of
| HispaLinux, has stated to PÃblico
| newspaper that the agreement "puts free
| competition in jeopardy" and reminded the
| minister that the agreement breaks the law
| on several counts, including article 49 of
| the law for Public Sector Contracts that
| forbids hiring companies which "have been
| fined due to serious infringements with
| regards to market discipline matters" -
| Microsoft has been fined several times in
| Europe for those exact same reason.


ES: CIO Extremadura 'open source key to development'

,----[ Quote ]
| The use of open source software is fundamental
| to a sustainable and technologically
| independent development, says Rafael MartÃn
| Espada, Director General of ICT, regional
| government of Extremadura.


Students line up for new free software master at open universities

,----[ Quote ]
| Two of Europe's open universities, the
| Universitat Oberta de Catalunya in Spain and
| Open Universiteit in the Netherlands, are
| about to start the first courses of what
| will become a Master programme on free and
| open source software and open standards, The
| Free Technology Academy (FTA). The program
| could prove popular, the number of early
| registrations shows.


Workshop on open source software in embedded systems, Madrid, Spain

,----[ Quote ]
| The EU-funded SHARE ('Sharing open source software
| middleware to improve industry competitiveness in
| the embedded systems domain') project is
| organising an international workshop on open
| source software in the domain of embedded systems
| on 28 October in Madrid, Spain.

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