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[News] Free Software Advantages Explained

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Open Source â May the source be with You

,----[ Quote ]
| A development method for software that 
| harnesses the power of distributed peer 
| review and transparency of process is how it 
| is often defined by The Open Source 
| Initiative (OSI). This non-profit 
| corporation was formed to educate about and 
| advocate for the benefits of open source and 
| to build bridges among different 
| constituencies in the open-source community. 
| The promise of open source is simply better 
| quality, higher reliability, more 
| flexibility, lower cost, and an end to 
| predatory vendor lock-in.
| [...]
| The common misconception is that open source 
| is about free as in software thats costs 
| nothing. On the contrary itâs about freedom. 
| Itâs about control. Access to the source 
| code gives you the freedom to tailor make it 
| to your requirement and situation. Public 
| domain information must be free from 
| barriers to access or reuse traditionally 
| copyrighted, so when you create make it free 
| from any copyright protection or if you have 
| already created something, let it free and 
| watch it soar.


Why Open Source Software Isn't Exactly 'Free,' But Offers Other Advantages

,----[ Quote ]
| However, the presence of an open source 
| product in one-third of an established 
| market is still nothing to sneeze at. And a 
| majority of companies are, to some extent, 
| embracing the LAMP (Linux operating system, 
| Apache middleware, MySQL, and Perl, Python 
| and PHP programming languages) stack at 
| least for some applications.



Open Source enables customized applications

,----[ Quote ]
| We adopted open source mainly because we
| can build an application suiting our needs.
| Moreover, if we are locked in a proprietary
| set up, we will be forced to do frequent
| updates. Often we have found that most of
| updates do not give the level of business
| benefits that we look for. To put it
| simply, we do not want to be forced to do
| an upgrade just because a new version is
| available.


Scammers get better tools for tapping social networks

,----[ Quote ]
| Paterva describes Maltego as an open source
| intelligence and forensics application that
| can import and correlate data from almost
| any publicly available online source,
| including social networks, search engines
| and PGP key databases. A community edition
| of the tool also can be downloaded.
| The application can be used to determine
| relationships and real-world connections
| between people, groups of people such as
| those in a social network, companies and
| Web sites. It can also be used to find
| links between domains, DNS names, IP
| addresses and even documents and files on
| the Internet.



The strength of Linux is in it's flexibility

,----[ Quote ]
| No other operating system that I know of has so many choices to enable it to
| be customised in the way that you wish. If you don't like the desktop, you
| can change it. If you don't like the installed programs, you can change them.
| If you don't like the package management, you can change it. You can, with
| the proper knowledge of course, change every single aspect of the Linux
| operating system (for the hair splitters, when I say Linux I mean the Linux
| kernel and any other installed programs to make an operating system) to suit
| your special requirements.

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