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[News] FSF/FSFE/GNU Promoting Freedom and Making Headway

  • Subject: [News] FSF/FSFE/GNU Promoting Freedom and Making Headway
  • From: Roy Schestowitz <newsgroups@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Sun, 14 Feb 2010 02:58:09 +0000
  • Followup-to: comp.os.linux.advocacy
  • Newsgroups: comp.os.linux.advocacy
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I â Free Software

,----[ Quote ]
| Valentines Day is a celebration of love and 
| affection between intimate companions. This 
| year why not take the opportunity to show 
| you care about the people and Free Software 
| that show you love all year round? Here are 
| our suggestions for making this February the 
| fourteenth a very special day. 


GNU Hurd/ news/ 2010-01-31 

,----[ Quote ]
| A month of the Hurd: Arch Hurd, FOSDEM 
| preparations and a thesis on mobile Hurd 
| objects.
|     This month, we saw the first booting 
|     version of an Arch Hurd system, which 
|     seconds the Debian GNU/Hurd distribution 
|     that already provides two third of the 
|     Debian software archive compiled for 
|     GNU/Hurd.
|     Nine Hurd developers will meet at FOSDEM 
|     2010 on February 6th and 7th in 
|     Bruxelles, Belgium. On Sunday, Olaf will 
|     be giving two presentations in the Alt-
|     OS Developer Room: Why is Anyone Still 
|     Working on the GNU Hurd? (10:30), and 
|     Porting KGI graphics drivers from Linux 
|     to GNU Hurd (13:00). The day before, on 
|     Saturday, Bas will be giving a talk 
|     about Iris, his new kernel (18:00, 
|     Embedded Developer Room).


Richard Stallman @ RIT February 23rd 2010

,----[ Quote ]
| The bad news â his talk will be in the 
| Innovations Center and itâs going to fill to 
| capacity before 200 people get in the door.
| I asked and was told that they will be 
| setting up video in other rooms, but Iâm 
| going to suggest you contact RIT and ask 
| them to find a bigger space and/or stream 
| the talk live.
| I would also suggest that you not let the 
| space limitations and time of day stop you 
| from making plans to attend or prevent you 
| tweeting, forwarding, etc to anyone you 
| think might want to attend.


Richard Stallman speaking in Bern and protesting against Berne Convention

,----[ Quote ]
| On Thursday, 11 February 2010 at 1 pm, 
| Richard Stallman, co-founder of GNU/Linux, 
| will lead a protest on the Unterer 
| Waisenhausplatz in Berne against the Berne 
| Copyright Convention.
| The protest criticizes the Berne Copyright 
| Convention as unacceptable in the Internet 
| era, for several reasons.
|     * Copyright lasts far too long.
|     * Works should only be covered by 
|     copyright if published with copyright 
|     notices.
|     * The âthree step testâ for exceptions 
|     to copyright places the copyright 
|     holders above the public, and interferes 
|     with liberties that the Internet-using 
|     public must have.


richard "prioritization" stallman

,----[ Quote ]
| Even if the guy has his weirdnesses (but 
| which genious doesn't?), I've always admired 
| Richard "rms" Stallman for his uncompromised 
| integrity. As Gruber puts it, say what you 
| want about him but he walks the walk.
| But after watching [fr] the discussion RMS 
| held about [fr] his biography, I find myself 
| reconsidering the reasons of my admiration. 
| For integrity is not a quality, it is one of 
| the perceived results of intrinsical 
| qualities.


Fully Free GNU/Linux Presentation Next Week

,----[ Quote ]
| I will be giving a talk about the fully free GNU/Linux distribution 
| movement in the Free Software Foundation Europeâs Berlin meeting
| on Thursday, February 11th, next week. The talk will start at 
| 19:30 in the Newthinking Store, TucholskystraÃe 48. Hopefully, 
| we will have a chance to continue discussing the topic over a 
| few beers right after the meeting, too.


Matt Asay Moves to Ubuntu

,----[ Quote ]
| The GPL is what makes FLOSS work. Period. There is nothing 
| wrong with the licence that folks trying to sidestep it would
| fix. Live with it Matt.
| The world needs cheap IT and they can get it using mass 
| production/Mooreâs Law/FLOSS. A side effect of Free Software 
| licences is that you cannot charge a high price for it because
| others can distribute the same stuff for less. This is a good 
| thing, Matt. It means more affordable IT in emerging markets and 
| greater innovation because the barriers to entry in any field of 
| IT is less. Sell services, not FLOSS.



Palm Sued Over PDF Technology Dispute


Press Releases

,----[ Quote ]
| San Francisco, CA (December 02, 2009) Artifex
| Software Inc. today announced that it has
| filed a lawsuit in the United States District
| Court for the Northern District of California
| against Palm, Inc., based on Palmâs
| unauthorized copying and distribution of one
| of Artifexâs registered technologies. Artifex
| is the developer and copyright owner of
| muPDF, a high-performance PDF rendering
| engine.


Palm Pre GSM source code now available

,----[ Quote ]
| According to Harald Welte, the source code for the
| Palm Pre GSM model, currently being sold in Europe is
| now available from the opensource.palm.com site.
| Earlier this week, Welte pointed out that the source
| code for the new model of the Palm Pre was not
| available to the public, as it should be to comply
| with the terms of the GPL. An email to Welte from Palm
| has now confirmed the availability of the code for
| WebOS 1.1.2 and 1.1.3.


Palm Pre GSM model source code available

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