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Re: Microsoft's Deception and Disruption -was: Valentine's Day: Show your Love for Free Software

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____/ Mark S Bilk on Sunday 14 Feb 2010 14:05 : \____

> On Feb 13, 6:04 pm, "One Shot, One Kill" <f...@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
>> "Marti van Lin" <ml2...@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
>>>Valentines Day is a celebration of love and affection between
>>>intimate companions. This year why not take the opportunity
>>>to show you care about the people and Free Software that
>>>show you love all year round?
> "One Shot, One Kill" wrote:
>> is this the day you suck your gay boy friends cock dry?
>> nothing says you care more than taking it in the ass like
>> a bitch.  get on your knees and take it up ass. do not worry
>> about aids. you will be safe.
> The person using the false identity "One Shot, One Kill"
> is a Microsoft propaganda agent.   So are the ones using the
> identities "Clogwog" and "Ezekiel".
> Explicit descriptions of homosexuality are offensive to some
> people, and they are certainly disruptive in a newsgroup about
> Linux.  Microsoft orders its propaganda agents to post offensive
> and disruptive material in Linux newsgroups in order to repel
> visitors to the newsgroup so they will stop reading the articles
> and thus won't learn about the advantages that (free) Linux
> has over expensive and virus-prone Microsoft software.
> Microsoft also threatens to remove its advertisements from
> publications and TV programs that run features about Linux,
> and it secretly pays newspaper and magazine columnists to
> write articles praising Microsoft.
> In this way, by coercion and deception, Microsoft keeps the
> public ignorant about Linux, and so keeps its dominant
> position and its immense profits.

Some say it is being done in Slashdot as well.

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