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[News] GNU/Linux Sub-notebook Software from Charity Killer (Intel) at Mobile World Congress (MWC)

  • Subject: [News] GNU/Linux Sub-notebook Software from Charity Killer (Intel) at Mobile World Congress (MWC)
  • From: Roy Schestowitz <newsgroups@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Mon, 15 Feb 2010 08:49:18 +0000
  • Followup-to: comp.os.linux.advocacy
  • Newsgroups: comp.os.linux.advocacy
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Intel to showcase netbook apps at Mobile World Congress

,----[ Quote ]
| The idea is to offer programs for Windows and 
| Linux netbooks that are optimized for devices 
| with small screens and Atom processors.


Netbook Applications: The Bare Necessities

,----[ Quote ]
| When I first began looking at Moblin a while 
| back, people told me that it was nice, but that 
| Iâd miss the standard application set of my 
| operating system of choice, Ubuntu. 
| Interestingly, the trend in the space is 
| actually towards even fewer applications than 
| Moblin allows; the Lenovo Skylight, one 
| intriguing option, is preloaded not with a 
| standard application set, but with widgets 
| running on top of a thin Linux film. Chrome OS, 
| of course, goes even further, dispensing with 
| the idea of applications entirely and pushing a 
| browser only experience.



Intel using Drupal

,----[Quote  ]
| Intel Corporation, the world's largest
| semiconductor chip maker, is using Drupal for
| its Intel Atom Developer Program, a website
| for developers that want to create and sell
| software applications for netbooks and smart
| phones that are using the Intel Atom
| processor.


Intel: Moblin opens the way for Atom

,----[ Quote ]
| I also want to say that Linux is absolutely
| mainstream across many devices. Set-top boxes, TiVo,
| all these electronics are loaded with embedded Linux.
| So it's just not visible. It's not merchandized or
| marketed. But Linux is extremely mainstream across
| many, many devices today.


Intel braces for billion Euro fine

,----[ Quote ]
| European competition authorities are expected to release their verdict on
| Intel's allegedly anti-competitive behaviour this week, and it's not looking
| good for the chip maker.
| The Commission's decision was sent to national bodies in April and will be
| presented to the Commission on Wednesday. The court is widely expected to
| find Intel guilty of anticompetitive behaviour.


Big EU antitrust fine likely for Intel

,----[ Quote ]
| Reports from Europe suggest the European Commission (EC) will levy a
| substantial fine on Intel for breaches of competition rules.


EU Set to Fine Intel for Anti-competitive Practices


Nvidia files counter suit against Intel

,----[ Quote ]
| Nvidia's very own Queen of hearts, CEO Jen-Hsun Huang, pouted and
| said, "Nvidia did not initiate this legal dispute," but added the firm had to
| defend itself and the rights it had negotiated for, "when we provided Intel
| access to our valuable patents."


Nvidia countersues Intel in licensing spat


Intel pricing model seen facing EU scrutiny

,----[ Quote ]
| Intel Corp (INTC.O) could face a hefty fine from EU regulators over charges
| it fiddled with retail channels to suppress competitors, but of more concern
| could be any fresh rules imposed by the EU.
| Even if the world's largest chipmaker is slapped with the maximum possible
| fine of 10 percent of its annual revenue, the greatest risk for the company
| would be if the EU imposes remedies which would change its pricing model.
| The European Commission has already said Intel's pricing practices -- in
| particular rebates to computer makers and retailers -- were a bid to drive
| rival Advanced Micro Devices (AMD.N) out of the market and is set to rule
| soon on the issue.


Korea Fair Trade Commission rules against Intel

,----[ Quote ]
| Samsung was one of the firms named in the suit as having been bullied into
| choosing Intel CPUs over AMD's back in 2002. Apparently, Intel "continuously
| requested" Samsung stop buying from its competitors, and when the
| word "please" didn't work, Intel decided to get abusive, significantly
| reducing its volume of rebates to the electronics giant in the first and
| second quarter of 2002. Chipzilla then asked again. With a
| little âaggressive' tone on the "please" no doubt.
| Come May 2002, Intel purportedly realised it needed to take things to another
| level, implementing a "long term support plan" offering sweeteners like
| maximum-level rebates on the condition, of course, Samsung spent its cash
| buying blue.
| The AAI document reckons Intel put an $800 million rebate proposal on the
| table in exchange for Samsung dumping AMD CPUs. No prizes for guessing
| whether or not Samsung took the bait. After all, it would be bad business not
| to, right? To hell with the moral high-ground.



Why Microsoft and Intel tried to kill the XO $100 laptop

,----[ Quote ]
| At the World Economic Forum in Davos in January 2005, Nicholas Negroponte,
| supreme prophet of digital connectivity, revealed a strange tent-like object.
| It was designed to change the world and to cost $100. It was a solar-powered
| laptop. Millions would be distributed to children in the developing world,
| bringing them connection, education, enlightenment and freedom of
| information. The great, the good, the rich and the technocrats nodded in
| solemn approval.
| And then some of them tried to kill it.
| Microsoft, makers of most of the computer software in the world, tried to
| kill it with words, and Intel, maker of most computer chips, tried to kill it
| with dirty tricks. Of course, they donât admit to being attempted murderers.
| And when I introduce you to Intelâs lovely spokesperson, Agnes Kwan, youâll
| realise how far their denials go. But the truth is the two mightiest
| high-tech companies in the world looked on Negroponteâs philanthropic scheme
| and decided it had to die.
| Yet, 3Â years later, the laptop is clinging on to life. It costs around $190
| rather than $100 and it is called the XO. It is no longer like a tent, but it
| can still be solar-powered. It is a technological triumph. But only 370,000
| are in use and another 250,000 ordered. One Laptop Per Child (OLPC), the
| company formed to run the project, is still driven by the same old idealism,
| geekery and technical brilliance. But Negroponte and his young staff are
| older and wiser. They were stunned by the savagery of the competition they
| faced â competition plainly intended to destroy a philanthropic idea. âI had
| wildly underestimated,â says Negroponte, âthe degree to which commercial
| entities will go to disrupt a humanitarian project.â
| [...]
| My Intel spokesperson, Agnes Kwan, seems to exist to evade the issue. I
| played e-mail ping-pong with her over several days. She was trying to avoid
| giving me any dates that would show the Classmate came after the XO. This
| included sending me a bizarre and barely literate âethnographicâ study of
| computing in the developed world. In the end, all she would say about the
| timeline of the Classmate was: âItâs hard to pinpoint a start date with the
| nature of ethnographic research in which ethnographers collect data over a
| long period of time.â Sorry?


The OLPC XO laptop

,----[ Quote ]
| Originally known as the '$100 laptop' from the One Laptop Per Child (OLPC)
| project, the XO laptop is now available through retail. I bought one under
| the Give One, Get One program where for a $400 donation, OLPC would send one
| XO to the donator, and another to a child. This is my story of working with
| it for a couple of weeks.


Laptop-Project Founder Faults Intel

,----[ Quote ]
| Oscar Becerra Tresierra, general director for educational technology at
| Peru's Ministry of Education, says that after the country recently agreed to
| buy 272,500 OLPC laptops for primary-school students, an Intel sales
|                                                          ^^^^^^^^^^^
| representative tried "to scare us" by claiming the machines and their power
| ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
| adapters didn't work. "I don't feel very happy about it," he said. "We
| wouldn't like the project to fail because somebody is spreading gossip about
|                                                       ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
| the machines that doesn't turn out to be true."


Laptop Project Blames Intel for Breakup

,----[ Quote ]
| Negroponte said Intel even tried to undo a deal One Laptop had already sealed
| in Peru by citing flaws in the One Laptop "XO" machine and telling government
| ministers "we ought to know, because we are on the board." Such hostile
| comments were prohibited, Negroponte claimed, under the July peace treaty
| that brought Intel into the One Laptop Per Child camp.
| "I want to say we tried, but it was never a partnership," Negroponte
| said. "There's not one single thing in their contract or agreement that they
| lived up to."


Intel: doing the dirty on OLPC

,----[ Quote ]
| Intelâs agreement with the OLPC Foundation included a ânon disparagementâ
| clause, under which Intel and One Laptop promised not to criticize each
| other, according to Nicholas Negroponte in the latest article in the Wall
| Street Journal.
| Still Intel tactics have violated that repeatedly to kill OLPC efforts in
| Nigeria, Libya, Pakistan, India, China and Intel is also still trying to pull
| those tactics in Mexico, Brazil.
| This is simply disgracefull of Intel, scandalous.
| But Negroponte has signed an agreement saying that he is not allowed to
| criticize Intel, so he is not allowed to talk about these shameless tactics
| even though Intel is the one violating the agreement.
| So only independant voices on the Internet can get those messages of truth
| out about Intels tactics.
| In Nigeria, Intel came and donated 3000 laptops to counter OLPC efforts, then
| sells 17 thousand Classmates to Nigeria at a loss.
| Then Microsoft corrupted Nigerian officials with 400 thousand dollars to
| install Windows XP on those instead of Mandriva Linux.

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