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[News] Intellectual Monopolies/Copyrights Disconnect Led to Google Blog Deletions

  • Subject: [News] Intellectual Monopolies/Copyrights Disconnect Led to Google Blog Deletions
  • From: Roy Schestowitz <newsgroups@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Mon, 15 Feb 2010 09:36:05 +0000
  • Followup-to: comp.os.linux.advocacy
  • Newsgroups: comp.os.linux.advocacy
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Google Music Blog Mess Highlights Why Three Strikes Will Not Work

,----[ Quote ]
| They're based on the false belief that 
| copyright infringement is an easy "yes" or 
| "no" decision that can be determined upon 
| seeing it. But what we're discovering in 
| both this situation and in the Viacom 
| situation is that even the copyright holders 
| are really bad at figuring out if something 
| is infringing or not. So why should anyone 
| expect third parties to be able to do a 
| better job? 


Dumb Labels, Laws (Not Google) To Blame for Music Blog Deletions

,----[ Quote ]
| Googleâs deletion of music blogs accused of 
| distributing music without permission has 
| proven to be a controversial topic this 
| week, as one might expect. Some are calling 
| it âMusicblogocide 2010,â according to The 
| Guardian, whose in-depth article on the 
| topic is titled: âGoogle shuts down music 
| blogs without warning.â
| Nobody likes to hear that music bloggers â 
| who tend to write with infectious enthusiasm 
| benefiting both fans and copyright holders â 
| lost years of work when they may not so much 
| have broken the law as grazed up against it. 
| It seems especially unfortunate if they 
| enabled an avoidable outcome by ignoring or 
| being ignorant of the stakes of not taking 
| the proper corrective actions when formally 
| warned they were in violation of dreaded 
| (and widely ignored) terms of service. 
| (Deleted blogs include Pop Tarts Suck 
| Toasted, Masala, I Rock Cleveland, To Die By 
| Your Side, Itâs a Rap, Ryanâs Smashing Life, 
| and Living Ears.)


Entertainment Industry Get Their Own 'Piracy Police' In The Justice Department

,----[ Quote ]
| Remember back in December when Vice 
| President Joe Biden hosted a one-sided 
| "piracy summit", ridiculously declaring that 
| "all of the stakeholders" were present 
| (despite there not being a single 
| representative from the technology industry, 
| nor anyone representing consumer interests 
| or ISPs). The "stakeholders" were entirely 
| the entertainment industry. And, even 
| better, despite promises of openness and 
| transparency, the press was kicked out so 
| top execs from most of the major 
| entertainment industry companies could 
| collude talk directly with many of the top 
| administration officials, including Joe 
| Biden, Attorney General Eric Holder, 
| Commerce Secretary Gary Locke and others. 
| You knew that this wasn't just a random meet 
| and greet and that something would come out 
| of it.
| And, indeed, less than two months later, we 
| have Eric Holder announcing a special "IP 
| task force" within the Justice Department 
| designed to take on "the rise in 
| intellectual property crime." 


Justice Creates IP Task Force

,----[ Quote ]
| The department said the new task force 
| emerged out of a White House meeting hosted 
| by Vice President Biden in December, which 
| included Holder and other members of the 
| president's Cabinet as well as executives 
| from the movie studios, record companies, 
| book publishers and television networks. 
| Biden said in a statement that the Obama 
| administration "is committed to stronger and 
| stricter enforcement of intellectual 
| property rights, and this new task force is 
| a step in the right direction."


Conference Board Of Canada Releases New Report On Copyright That Isn't Just A Cut And Paste From US Lobbyists

,----[ Quote ]
| You may remember last year that the 
| Conference Board of Canada (who, until then, 
| was pretty well respected) released a report 
| on "intellectual property policy" that was 
| blatantly plagiarized from US copyright 
| industry lobbyists.


Even If ACTA Doesn't Include Filtering Or Three Strikes, There Are Things To Worry About

,----[ Quote ]
| Indeed, what many people have pointed out is 
| that the really pernicious part of ACTA is 
| in reading between the lines. There are 
| already international agreements on 
| intellectual property that include clear 
| safe harbors and consumer protection. What's 
| notable in the leaked drafts of ACTA is that 
| such things are missing. So even if it 
| doesn't force the US to change the law, it 
| could very much hinder attempts by US to 
| come to its senses and fix the broken parts 
| of the law. 


HL Committee on the Digital Economy Bill

,----[ Quote ]
| The Bill provides for the Secretary of State 
| to have the power to require ISPs to take 
| "technical measures" in respect of account 
| holders who have been the subject of 
| copyright infringement reports. The scope of 
| the measures will be defined in secondary 
| legislation and could be wide-ranging.
| We do not believe that such a skeletal 
| approach to powers which engage human rights 
| is appropriate. There is potential for these 
| powers to be applied in a disproportionate 
| manner which could lead to a breach of 
| internet users' rights to respect for 
| correspondence and freedom of expression.


Music Labels Ask Blogs to Post Songs to Promote Artists, Ask Google to Erase Blogs for Posting Songs

,----[ Quote ]
| Todayâs news that Google shut down music 
| blogs that were accused of copyright 
| infringement is rightfully getting plenty of 
| coverage. Mostly, it is being held up as 
| another in a long line of examples of 
| problems with the DMCA notice-and-takedown 
| system. This is a great example of a problem 
| with the DMCA because, at least according to 
| The Guardian, the notices that Google relied 
| on to delete the blogs were woefully 
| incomplete. Google should not have acted 
| until it had proper notices from rights 
| holders, including the name of the actual 
| work allegedly infringed. Since many of the 
| notices did not even include this 
| information, there was no way for the 
| bloggers to file a DMCA counternotice.



Intellectual Property and the Structure of Human Action

,----[ Quote ]
| Granting property rights in scarce
| resources, but not in ideas, is precisely
| what is needed to permit successful action
| as well as societal progress and prosperity.

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