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Re: [News] Ubuntu Derivatives Crunchbang and Linux Mint in Review

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____/ JeffM on Monday 15 Feb 2010 19:03 : \____

>>>Roy Schestowitz wrote:
>>>>Enlightenment is even lighter and looks very good.
>>JeffM wrote:
>>>...but Mint doesn't have
>>>a boot-to-an-Enlightenment-environment CD yet
> Roy Schestowitz wrote:
>> Why not use Elive?
> My memory of going to the Elive site
> is kinda like your memory of MEPIS
> where they trot you around a lot
> before letting you see an actual download page
> --at which point you find out the real deal is payware.[1]
> This reminds me of some sites for
> Windoze-compatible "freeware".  8-(
> ...and what *is* available for download from Elive's page
> is a pre-release version.
> If I'm going to advocate for Free Software,
> the **first** thing most folks assume
> is that it is gratis.  Another hoop to jump through
> is NOT something I want them to encounter.
> .
> .
> [1] I alerted you to the fact that MEPIS's model had changed
> but I haven't seen any change
> in the status/philosophy of Elive's sole developer.
> Is there something new I should know?

Yes, I know. Some people don't mind paying.

TBH, nobody pays for OS X (it's almost always bundled) and the same goes for
Windows, which cra*lets sometimes pay for. A few still buy these off the shelves..
like the 230 people who bought Vista in China (yes, out of a billion+!).

In many areas (news, books, media, code), society is moving towards a model
where abundant or duplicable becomes free with some added value around it.

One KDE guy has begun a business that sells complete PCs are he's not alone.

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		~~ Best of wishes

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