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Re: [News] Ubuntu Derivatives Crunchbang and Linux Mint in Review

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____/ JeffM on Monday 15 Feb 2010 03:49 : \____

>>JeffM wrote:
>>>This time around,
>>>it's the Xfce Edition of Mint that is slow out of the gate.
>>>...and lots of folks can't wait to see the promised LXDE Edition.
> Roy Schestowitz wrote:
>>Enlightenment is even lighter and looks very good.
> ...but Mint doesn't have
> a boot-to-an-Enlightenment-environment CD yet,
> so to demo that to someone
> you'd have to install Mint on his box then install E17.
> (Some folks want to try before they "buy".)
> Of course, moonOS uses Enlightenment by default
> and that distro appears to be a direct derivative of Mint
> and it has a bootable CD, so there's that.
> I've seen moonOS described as *Mint's beautiful little sister*
> and as *Mint's tarted-up little sister*.
> ...the eye of the beholder.  8-)
> ...and (Ubuntu-based) wattOS uses LXDE by default
> http://www.planetwatt.com/index.php?name=FAQ&id_cat=1#faq2
> so there's that.
> Even Ubuntu's formal release of Lubuntu (Lucid)
> will likely be out before Mint gets their LXDE build going
> --though Mint's has been planned since March 2009.

Why not use Elive?

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