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[News] Ubuntu GNU/Linux Future and Drivers

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Is There an Ubuntu 10.04 in Your Future?

,----[ Quote ]
| Ubuntu 10.04, aka Lucid Lynx, is an LTS 
| (Long Term Support) release. This means 
| that this version of Ubuntu will be 
| supported for five years after its release. 
| The last LTS was Ubuntu 8.04.


I'm not driven by Microsoft hatred: Shuttleworth 

,----[ Quote ]
| The blog post had listed a number of 
| reasons why the writer thought Ubuntu was 
| allegedly becoming the new Microsoft: the 
| inclusion of Mono as a default; the 
| creation of Ubuntu One, a proprietary 
| software repository; removing the GIMP and 
| other applications from Ubuntu; changing 
| the default search engine to Yahoo!; 
| discussion about what proprietary 
| applications should be included in the 
| Ubuntu repositories; and the appointment of 
| Matt Asay as chief operating officer.


Ubuntu Weekly Newsletter Issue 180

,----[ Quote ]
| Welcome to the Ubuntu Weekly Newsletter, 
| Issue #180 for the week February 7th - 
| February 13th, 2010. In this issue we 
| cover: Ubuntu Opportunistic Developer Week: 
| Call For Participation, Interview With Jono 
| by Joe Barker, Interview with Dustin 
| Kirkland, Ubuntu Core Developer about 
| encryption in Ubuntu, Upcoming Ubuntu 
| Global Jam and your Loco Team, Ubuntu 
| Honduras Loco Team at the T3 conference, 
| Call for feedback on preferred desktop 
| fonts, and much, much more!



Make your Ubuntu smarter than Windows 7

,----[ Quote ]
| Ok, I am a linux guy and most of you will be
| thinking that why I am writing this . Let me
| say , even though many people are agreeing
| with the statement Ubuntu is always better
| than Windows , there are a lot of people how
| think that Ubuntu has too few applications
| available for use . Ubuntu would be more
| secure , most faster and more stable , but
| is it up to par with Windows in doing things
| , like can we use photoshop cs 4 in linux ,
| or can we play assassins creed 2 in Ubuntu .
| I am not promising you that you could , but
| I assure you that you can make your ubuntu
| linux much more better in doing things . Let
| me show a handful of essential applications
| for your linux machine which would transform
| your ubuntu to a real star performer , doing
| almost everything you can do in windows .

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